Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Megadrive Box art, my love of the Japanese art: DJ Boy

So I have said before that when I started collecting retro games at first it was all about trying to get the games again which I owned as a kid and then as I gatherd more and more stuff I started also trying to track down games that friends had owned which I had either lent of them or enjoyed while I was over at there house. Well there was a game I played at my friend Andrew's house and I have had my eyes on it for a long time but I have been waiting for it to be the right price and finally I have a copy of it orderd and it should be with me soon. Usually unless there is a lot of reading involved or some other reason to opt for a particular version I will usually just grab the cheapest version I can get regardless of what region it comes from, in this case however I really didnt want the American copy and you will proberbly see why below. The game I am talking about is called DJ Boy which is basically a walk along beat em up and also an arcade port. So here we go again looking at MegaDrive box art.

OK so here is the American copy, the one I didnt want, I would explain it as being a horrible cover made with terrible computer style cartoon characters, I really hate it, the same kind of art is on the cart and well I just didnt want to own it, I am not saying DJ Boy is the best game in the world but I like it quite a bit and it deserved better than this. I know they say dont judge a book by its cover but thats easier said than done, looking at this cover in my oppinion you basically expect the game to be a cheap peace of garbage.... Apparently the copy I am recieving is a pal copy but if it came with this case well I would just have to print out another cover for it and slide it in front of this awful awful piece of work.

This is the Japanese box art, and I have to say I think its great, it basically looks like a proper anime style cartoon, big eyes, high on expresions, it just looks fun, the cover makes you want to dive in to the game and see what kind of a game it is.

All I can say is thank goodness that the European case used the japanese art. I still prefer the Japanese version mostly because the title feels like it is a part of the art instead of covering up the art. If you look at the European case you will see the big area of empty space between the enemies and the hero, its just wasted space but I still think its a great cover.

If I could improve it in any way I think I would make it a little bit more like this version I have knocked up, its pretty much just a cut and paste job and I admit it could have been done better but this is the kind of thing I think would have been perfect. Still the European one is not bad at all its certainly a million times better than that horrid American case art.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Megadrive Box art, my love of the Japanese art: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

OK so I  keep seeing diffrent little bits of the new upcoming Duck Tales show online and quiet honestly it looks awesome, I could talk about how excited I am that David Tennant the 10th Doctor is voicing Scrooge McDuck, or how I love the fact that it looks like Doanld Duck is going to be in it a whole bunch but I thought why not do something a little bit more me. You see when I was a kid I played the absolute living heck out of the game Quackshot, It had Scrooge McDuck, Gyro, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, in it and was about treasure hunting and started out in duckburg so it was basically a MegaDrive Duck Tales based game or at least as close as the MegaDrive/Genesis got. I could have reviewed the game and heck I might even do that in the future but I didnt really fancy doing a review as well I have been doing a fair few reviews for my SNES series so I thought what do I usually do when it comes to the MegaDrive, thats right I look at and talk about the box art.

So the Pal cover of Quackshot, its not bad at all, you get to see Donald with the main weapon he uses, the art is large and bright all in all I was very happy with this case as a kid. It was the only case I had ever seen for the game though.

Well its the same art but with more border and therefore a smaller main image so I guess I would say its worse, I would complain about the brightness but I am guessing that this is just a poor scan quality.

Ok now I have to say that having seen this cover I dont know why I liked the original pal region cover so much this cover just screams Video Game version of a Doanld Duck Comic book, it talks to the part of me that couldnt get enough of Disney's Duck Tales. In fact this cover has me wanting to shout Whoo Hoooo.

So this would be my idea of the perfect case for the Pal region, it has the awesome Japanese art but sticks to the typical Pal MegaDrive template.

So I guess Its time to take a quick look at another Disney title as a sort of bonus. I had intended to stick with Donald and look at diffrent covers for Maui Mallard a latter Donald based game on the megadrive but I could only find one cover for this and it was for the Pal region so I didnt have enough for a comparison, so instead I turned to Donalds rival Mickey Mouse.

Decent enough art for the Pal version of Castle of Illusion here, theres the castle the title refers to, there is a decent picture of Mickey but its hardly the best piece of Mickey mouse art ever made and could be better in my oppinion, but lets see what the other regions got.

So the American version is basically more or less the same.

Finally here is the Japanese version, as you can tell it is once again the same piece of art. After how great and diffrent the Japanese Quackshot cover was the fact Castle of Illusion had the same cover in every single region and didnt have some awesome Japanese exclusive art is very dissapointing.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post as I have a few more ideas for posts on MegaDrive box art.

Monday, 19 June 2017

SNES Review 123: Smash TV

Nine reviews or so ago while reviewing Total Carnage I said the following ''I really wanted an excuse to come out with the gem ''Big Money, Big Prizes'' which you may realise is of course from the game Smash TV, a game I really love, I love it because basically it is based of the Arnie film The Running Man, which is not only a film I adore but is also based loosely of the book The Running Man which was written by Stephen King one of my favourite writers of all time. I don't own Smash TV though''.

Well I guess when I said that I was kind of tempting fate as I recently walked in to a local indy store and they had a Pal cartridge only copy of Smash TV and were asking £12 for it. Now this is going to sound kind of silly but I remember back when I was a kid everyone owned Smash TV and you just couldnt get rid of it, the thing was practically worthless, the kind of worthless were if you tried to trade it in for another game it would only get you about £3 of that game so really you were better off keeping it just incase you ever might just possibly one day want to play it again, so I have no idea how when or why I got rid of my original copy, but knowing me I got a good deal for it. The funny thing is though despite liking this game I havent brought a copy while I have been collecting because I just havent seen it for a low price, even £12 seemed to much for me but I managed to talk them down to £10 so I ended up buying it.

Ok so in both my Total Carange review and the above quote from it I have set the scene as far as this games story goes, so just to quickly recap the story is that your a contestant on a game show where they are trying to kill you and if you can survive and kill the enemies then you get money and you can win toasters and cars and stuff. Smash Tv was originally an arcade game in 1990, which found itself ported to the Megadrive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear and obviously the Super NES as I am talking about it here. Its also made its way to various classic game compilations and download services. The arcade version was created by Eugene Jarvis and Mark Turmell for Williams and its a sort of well kind of sequel to the game Robotron: 2084 which was also produced by Jarvis, sequel in spiritual terms that is. The SNES conversion was handled by Beam Software, they did an excellent job of converting the game, basically if you like the arcade game then you will like the SNES game as apart from a few cut corners and a bit of Nintendo style censorship it is very much the same game. Beam Software kind of got brought and sold and moved about and renamed Infogrames Melbourne House, then Atari Melbourne House and finally Krome Studios Melbourne, the trail of them releasing games goes kind of cold around 2007 though with several sources saying the studio finally died in 2010.

In terms of gameplay the game is fairly straightforward, if you have played a twin stick shooter in the past 30 years anything from Robotron to the Geomotry wars games then you will know excactly what you are getting. Yes the SNES doesnt have a second stick but its 4 face buttons are placed in such a way that by pressing either one of them or a combination of two at a time you can shoot at every possible angle. The game is fast fun and responsive and most importantly it has the best quality any arcade style game can have and thats the ability to be easy to pick up while being difficult to master but overall feeling fair. Yes the game is hard and it slams you pretty darn har, there is also no wimping out and picking an easy difficulty here as it is actually pretty darn tough on all of the three difficulty settings available. Also you cant complete the game by playing it on easy mode as when you choose this mode you get a shortened version of the game featuring only the first stage with a few less enemies, so this sucker should have really just been called practice mode.

I played the living heck out of this game as a kid and never managed to finish it. You need to remember that this game was born in the arcades and so it was designed to make money, so really the quicker it could get you killed the more pennies it would grab, the bosses in particular are complete bullet spunges who just when you think you have them beat start shooting even more determined to take you down with them. If you want a challange then you have one here, its also a great co-operative two player game. Speaking of other players while I was playing this game my 15 year old daughter walked in the room, she was soon having a go herself and then I practically had to tear her away from it just so I could actually go to bed, and the very next day she was asking if she could go in my room to play the SNES and try and do better on Smash TV. Another sign of how good this game is would be the fact that I am going to sort out one of my other SNES pads so me and her can play it toghther sometime, which is high praise given the fact that some of these games get tossed into the bottom of a draw after I have reviewed them not to be pulled out again for who knows how long.

Ok so for those who are really into the graphics and sound in games how does Smash TV stack up? Well graphically the game is pretty simple with the main player characters and the regular enemies not being much more advanced than stick men, but the game really does flood the screen with them, and there tiny size just helps to make the large boss characters all the more impressive, but yeah this certainly is not the game to use to show of the SNES's graphical grunt work. I find the music to be very basic but also very catchy, I have caught myself humming it when away from the game which I think always says something good about a piece, its basic but it suits the mood of the game perfectly. Speaking of sound one of the most impressive things about this game sound wise is the digitised voice samples they really help with the games feel and atmosphere , little snippits like hearting the host say “Good Luck! You’ll Need It!” really add to the game.

I find that I cant help but give this game a hearty 8 out of 10, sure its not perfect but it is darn playable, and as far as co-op shooters go it might just be one of the best on the SNES. Its funny though how this game now seems to be a bit of a pain to get ahold of when I can remember people using it as a door stop back in the day and the second hand shelfs and bargain bins being full of it but I guess it just goes to show you never know how hard or easy it will be to grab something tommorow if you dont get it today. If you want a cartridge only copy around about £10 like I spent is proberbly the best you can aim for and it might take a bit of waiting and looking as plenty of people seem to be asking for around £18 to £25 for even loose carts are they actually getting that for it? Who knows but if you want to just play the game then do look on Xbox live arcade and compilation discs you might save yourself a few quid or bang a few extra retro games for you cash in the process, which root youy go though all depends if your more a collector or player either way I recomend that you give this game a bash.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

SNES Review 122: Astral Bout

Sougou Kakutougi: Astral Bout is a Super Famicom/Japanese SNES game which was based on the various forms of fighting styles found in the Japanese mixed martial arts promotion Fighting Network Rings (think of an early version of something like the UFC ultimate fighting championship). The game was developed by a company called A-Wave, a company who I couldnt find much out about at all, they made a Gameboy game called Koro Dice and they either made or just published a game called Astro Fang: Super Machine on the NES (some sources claim they developed and published it others claim they just published it), and then they made Astral bout and its 2 sequels. I have no idea if they still exist in any form I would imagine from the lack of info that they dont. Astral bout was however published by King Records Co., Ltd a Japanese record company, founded in 1931 which still exists today, it is now one of Japan's largest record companies not to be owned by a multinational entity, and its headquarteres are in Tokyo.

So obviously this game is a sort of wrestling fighting game, the closist thing to this most people will have proberbly played on the snes is something like one of the WWE games. There are eight different fighters to choose from in this game, I cant tell you any of the characters names as they are in japanese but basically you have a professional wrestler, a boxer, a karate expert etcetera. So you pick the character you want to use and then you take on each fighter one by one until you prove that you are the best. Now for a Super Nintendo game this title does not do a bad job of trying to capture the idea of mixed martial arts. Eachof the fighters has there own moves list which does its best to make them feel like they belong to there discipline. So for example the wrestler will do slams and armbars, where as the boxers move set will be largly based on punches, the kick boxer will have lifting knee blows and heavy kicks you get the idea, it doesnt take long at all to find out which one of the fighters is the best fir for you and to get used to there particular move set.

The graphics are pretty much average and exactly what you would expect for a relativly early Super Nintendo game. The enviorments are rather bland, the characters are easily identifiable and the animation is decent but its nothing to really shout about, the graphics fit the game but thats about the best I can say. The music and sound effects could also best be described as functional, they are simply average and work but thats about all. You attack your opponent and at the end of each round you get to see how many points each of you have scored, I assume that if you dont knock the enemy out after so many rounds or get knocked out yourself then things will be settled by these points but this never actually happend during all of my time playing. I started out trying to play as the Karate based character but after a match or two I just found that me and him were not the best fit, then I tried with the Wreslter and found that I did much better, this is when I really started to enjoy the game, before I even realised that any proper time had passed I had completed the game. The truth is though that the replayability is limted as far as things go with the one player mode, you can try to complete it with every character and theres a practice mode but thats about it, of course the game has a two player mode which providing you have a buddy into this kind of game then it can be kind of fun but with 8 characters it is slightly limited. I do think that if I had tried this game back when it was fresh and new then I would have been a lot more impressed with it, but it hasnt aged greatly if you want an example of something wreslting related which has aged much better then I would go for Saturday Night Slam Masters.

As it stands I would give this game a 6 out of 10, its fun enough but it is ultimatly forgetable, it does make me wonder how much was improved in its two sequels as I think that with a little bit more on offer choice wise and a bit more presenation this game could have been a true contender. I spent £3.50 on this game and I think if you can get it for something around this figure then its well worth taking a look at it.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

SNES Review 121: Pro Sport Hockey AKA USA Ice Hockey

When you think about the Super Nintendo and who developed games for it the names that come to the front of your mind are most likly to be Capcom, Konami or Nintendo themselves, so if I was to tell you I can name a studio who developed around 25 games for the SNES who isent one of those names you would be wondering who I was talking about right? You might even start to throw out random guesses but I bet very few people would come up with the name I am about to drop and thats because the name is Tose and they are often referd to as being a ghost developer.

Tose Co., Ltd also called Tose Software is a video game development company based in Kyoto, Japan. It is mostly known for developing Nintendo's Game & Watch Gallery series, and for making a whole bunch of Dragon Ball games, and the Legend of Starfy series but they have actually developed or co-developed over 1,000 games since the company started back in 1979. A lot of people are proberbly wondering right now why they havent heard of Tose before well thats because they are virtually never credited in the games themselves.This is best explained by looking at a few quotes from Masa Agaride Tose's US Divisions Vice President "We're always behind the scenes," "Our policy is not to have a vision. Instead, we follow our customers' visions. Most of the time we refuse to put our name on the games, not even staff names." This is why I called them a ghost developer earlier.

I have found that with a lot of the developers I have talked about in the past they either just shut down at some point, got absorbed by a bigger company or are now some tiny little company making mobile apps or games but not Tose. you might have heard of the last game they worked on after all it was Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U, yes the game was made by Intelligent Systems but Tose provided environment art support for them.

The game I am going to be talking about today is Pro Sport Hockey, known in Japan as USA Ice Hockey obviously it is an ice hockey video game. It was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES in 1993 only coming out in Japan and America missing us here in Europe all toghther, the version I have been playing is the Japanese one, basically because it was the one I managed to get my hands on. I have often said that I have found myself getting games due to the name on the box or the cart and in this case the name that dragged me in was Jaleco a name I was always fond of hearing back in the Super Nes days but in this case all they did was to publish it, I knew of Tose but had no idea of there involment with this game. As far as I knew back in the day there was only the odd NHLPA game on the snes and back then I was more using the Sega Mega Drive for my hocky fix, playing EA Hockey and mostly trying to get into fist fights on it more than actually really playing the game to win.

Back when I started this project trying to review 150 SNES games the 9th game I reviewed was Takeda Nobuhiro Super Cup Soccer /Super Goal 2 which was also made by Tose and the funny thing is playing this I instantly thought back to that game and back to that very review. The funny thing is I can pull a whole quote from that review and if you exchange the refrence to football in to an ice hockey oneand exchange the word Fifa for NHLPA Hockey it sums up how I felt playing this ''I also found it pretty hard to score goals but then I am not the best at these sort of games, the important part is I got in to it, I was enjoying myself and never once did I stop and go boy don't I wish I was playing Fifa, to all intents and purposes this game provided a perfectly entertaining spot of football.''. The game felt very much like an Ice Hockey version of Super Goal 2, the music the control, the art style I guess this just goes to show that some studios do have a very tangable style, unfortunatly I can level all of the same complaints I levelled at that game at this one. It is a very functional game which is fun but really feels one step away from greatness, it just needs a little something extra to throw it over the line in to classic territory and make me strongly recomend it.

The game has a good sense of speed, the controls tend to feel good, if slidy but heck its an ice based game so that was to be expected, the graphics are nice and bright the music is kind of catchy but it just feels like it needs those extra few touches. Now as far as I know there are no fist fights I certainly tried repeatidly ramming in to people to provoke them. Apparently the game has a sophisticated fatique system in place to simulate players getting tired but in practice I didnt see anything that proved this, it also had real players and real teams but to a video game fan like me who doesnt care much about the actual sport this didnt add much but I guess for some this would add to the overall experiance. So what would I rate this game well to be honest I would give it a 6 out of 10, which is actually better than it seemed to score back in the day (it got things like 2 out of 5 and 50% ish marks), I spent £3 including postage for my Japanese cart and if you can get it for around this price and have the ability to play import games then what the heck go for it, just dont spend much more

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Snes Review 120: Ashite no joe/Tommorows Joe

So Ashita no Joe is a boxing manga which came out in 1968 latter on itturned into an anime series, then a movie and obviously as I am talking about it in my series of SNES game reviews it was turned into a SNES game . A translation of the title would be Tommorow's Joe but outside Japan it is also referred to as Champion Joe, Rocky Joe or even just Joe. The SNES game was developed by Wave Corp and published by K Amusement Leasing two companies I have never even heard of, I tried to research Wave Corp and the information was almost none exsistant it looks like all they have made is Joe based titles, K Amusment Leasing dont seem to be doing anything much past this game either, still lets not worry about that and lets look at this game. This was a Japense only release so you either need a convertor or a modified SNES to play it.

Basically the game is an arcade style boxing game, the game is 2d and is played from a side on view, you can move backwards and forwards and you only actually use two buttons, one button punches the other button makes you put up your guard. To be perfectly honest it looks like a SNES game a good quality SNES game even with nice big sprites and great presentation with its intro/attract sequence full of manga but it plays like a NES title. If you play the one player story mode then you play the role of Joe Yabuki, the stories protagonist, but if you decide to play two player then you both get to choose from a whole bunch of boxers, the whole having to be Joe thing doesnt bother me as hey lets face it in Super Punch out your always Mac, it works for a boxing game when the story is that kind of Rocky type set up where your the underdog going after the title.

The game consists of 8 opponents which Joe must defeat one after another. Each one must be knocked out in the first round or Joe will have to begin the fight again, well as long as you have the continues to do so (you only get 3). Apparently all of these characters come from the manga which I guess if your a fan of that it would really help you eak a little more entertainment out of this game. The first two opponents are an absolute cake walk just keep punching before they punch and youll walk them easily enough but come the third opponent boy does that difficulty curve aim itself straight towards the sky.

Both you and your opponent can move left and right across the ring but not forwards and backwards your stuck on one plane with steppiong back being the only escape option at your disposal. So you punch, block, and dodge each other until one of you knocks the other down three times.Most likly youll enjoy this despite finding it limted when fighting the first two guys but then youll find that the third guy just seems to have a larger reach than you and youll wonder what stratergies you could use against him, youll think maybe I could circle him or if I block he will pause, then you realsie you cant circle only move back and forwards and that if you block it still hurts you and it doesnt really help.

I really really wanted to like this game, the game has excellent presentation, I love the big chunky sprites and the music but its just so bare bones and budget feeling. I spent £3.50 on this game so I dont have a lot to moan about but I wonder what it cost new as basically if this cost the same as a genuine first party classic like Super Punch Out or Mario World or anything like that then I would haev felt super robbed paying top dollar for this, maybe just maybe the connection to the manga roped people in and they were so happy to be playing the role of one of there heroes that they were a lot more figiving with this game than I am?

I think I am stuck reluctantly giving this game another 5 out of 10, dont get me wrong I really like some things about it but then it comits some major sins in my oppinion and you could spend your money much more wisly.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

E3 2017 My Oppinion on Nintendo's showing

So I didnt want to dedicate post after post to E3 but I do want to touch upon it and do a handful of posts which basically say what I think about this years E3 in general and what I think about some of the games announced and shown. Now I have to start this off by saying that I did go into this with pretty low expectations, I didnt watch everything live and I kind of had my expectations set to low, but in total honesty I was blown away by E3 2017.

So lets start with Nintendo no idea why but I needed to start this somewere and this is as good a place as any. Well ther is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch, and its looking beautiful, but the best part of this is that Nintendo Europe has continuously reassured everyone, it's still set for release this year. So if you like RPG's with great graphics and own a Switch then this might be the game you spend the better part of the end of this year on.

A new Kirby game was shown which Simply had the title Kirby, it looks like you can play it in either single player or four player co-op and its a platformer, but it has great cute graphics that awesome kirby sound and it just looks like its going to be an absolute treat to play. Seeing this instantly made me think of all the fun I had playing Kirby Epic Yarn and has wetted my appetite for this game.

GameFreak repeated the news from last week confirming that there would be a Pokken game coming to Switch before the end of the year. Having only just picked up the Wii U one half to play half to collect part of me was a little annoyed with this, you see that part was wishing that Pokken would disapear and the original would become something intresting to own, having not really played it yet I am not sure how excited the other half of me is, guess I better jump on that Wii U one before this is out to find out. This wasnt the great bit of news from GameFreak though no the great news was that the company is working on a proper Pok√©mon RPG for the Switch, it won’t be released this year and I have no idea if they mean an rpg like the regular pokemon games or something more like the gamecube games but either way this has me very excited.

One of the big announcments of this E3 for me was the following, the announcment of Metroid Prime 4,pretty much nothing was given away about it, but just the very knowledge that it is coming was enough to get people excited and its just one more thing to get people looking at and wanting a switch, it shows the machine has a future so well played Nintendo. I think this was a real stop the presses announcment but strangly I was more excited about the latter announced second Metroid game Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS. It's a re-imagining of the 1991 Gameboy game Metroid 2: Return of Samus and it's being made by MecurySteam the people who developed Castlevania: Lords of Shado, I am super excited for this as I am a much bigger fan of the old style of Metroid games, dont get me wrong I am happy about prime because it will attract fans in there droves and help put the switch on the map its just that I am certain that Samus Returns will be more my kind of game.

Nintendo also showed a new Yoshi based platformer and following in the footsteps of Kirby it currently has the simple title of ''Yoshi'' I really like the look of this and its great to see another Nintendo platformer heading to the switch if the switch needed anything it was this sort of show of power from Nintendo, we needed to know that it planned on pumping as many of its known IP's on to the system as possible.

So Koei Tecmo, the makers of Dynasty Warriors, are bringing us a Dynasty Warriors Fire Emblem style game to the switch called Fire Emblem Warriors, this had been known for awile but E3 gave us a fresh look at it... so what do I think, in honesty I am not a big fan of there Warriors style of games and yet I know I will still buy it as I am a massive Fire Emblem fan, I admit the game looks good but the majority of there games are just giant repitition simulators thats just how I feel about them as a developer most of the time saddly

The Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC was talked about, which well it looks ok but in all honesty the game is massive and I dont really feel I need any DLC for it, for those intrested though Nintendo has revealed that the first pack will feature Trials, Hero's Path mode, new armour (including the Korok Mask) plus the tougher Master Mode and will be heading out way June the 30th, with the second bunch still scheduled for winter this year.

We got a look at the Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle game which is coming to the Switch. It’s coming out on August 29th,and to be perfectly honest it looks awesome, its like the rabbids and Mario have come togther to give us a sort of cartoon whacky version of XCOM, its one of those titles where I never would have guessed it was coming, I never would have asked for it to be made but now I have heard about it and seen it I just simply need this in my life. For me this is one of the best things coming to the switch at present and it may have to be a day 1 purchse for me, which is something I dont tend to do very often.

Rocket League is coming to the switch. It’ll have cross-platform support (so you can play with people on other machines) and a bunch of other new features. It looked great but then its been out on the PS4 and Xbox One so long and I have already enjoyed it so much I just dont think I am all that botherd, if you own less consoles and the switch is your main go to or only machine then I strongly advise you jump on this but if you own a PS4 or Xbox one you can proberbly either grab a second hand copy ofg the physical release or wait for the digital to go on sale and save yourself a whole bunch of money, oh its on steam as well if you have a pc and has been on sale various times.

And, finally, there is Mario Odyssey. Mario Odyseesy looks both weird and fantastic, what we were shown showed a dinosaur stomping onto screen wearing Mario’s hat. So basically it seems that you can possess stuff in the game using Mario’s hat. From living characters to taxis. Yes it sound strange but brilliantly strange and I am sure this game will shift Switchs.

All in all I think I would have to give Nintendo a 8 out of 10 for there part in E3 and I think they have laid some pretty solid foundations here for the Switch, I personally can not wait to see how the machine does heading in to the christmas period latter this year. At the moment it all seems much more Wii than Wii U and this was a darn good showing on there behalf.