Tuesday, 2 July 2019

My Retro game purchases for June 2019

So I started my retro purchaes on the 3rd of the month when I grabbed a few cheap games, I got GTA 3 for ps2 complete for 50p , ratchet and clank for ps2 complete for 50p and syphon filter omega strain for ps2 complete for 50p
Then on the 6th I grabbed 4 loose Famicom carts for £8 family stadium 87, gundam z hot scramble, child's quest, and moreo pro yakyuu baseball and then I spent £10 on two convertors for playing Famicom games on a NES, hoping to use them on my Retron NES HD consoles, there the first ever original Famicom games I have ever owned so I was pretty excited about it all but it was not to be, it turns out that the convertors dont work, at least not through the Retron, I havent set my real NES up to check but to be honest even if they work on that its not exactly achieving what I wanted which was to play NTSC Japanese Famicom games in 60HZ through a HDMI cable.

I also grabbed a complete copy of Driven for the GameCube for £1.50 on the 6th, not the best game in the world but its not a bad one either.
On the 11th I went in a charity shop where it was any 4 games or films for £1 , I looked for old stuff but got a mixed bag, I got blood wake (boxed missing manual) for original xbox, tom Clancy's ghost recon (complete) for original Xbox, first to fight (complete ) for original Xbox, batman arkham asylum (complete) for Xbox 360, viva piƱata trouble in paradise (missing manual) for Xbox 360, iron man 2 (disc in blank case) for Xbox 360, injustice (missing manual) for Xbox 360, street fighter x tekken (complete) for Xbox 360, resident evil 6 (complete) for 360, GTA 5 (missing manual) , Kong skull island DVD , Land of the Dead DVD, also had a few loose discs inside. Xbox live arcade, and modern warfare 2 for 360, all in all I think thats a pretty darn amazing deal and it really made me smile.
On the 13th I got a slimline ps2 just the machine and power so no pads or TV lead for £5 wasn't that fussed on getting it but the guy trying to sell it me in the charity shop really helps me and sells me stuff there going to throw etc (he sold me a broke ps4 for £10 which I got working again) and I kind of want to just keep showing intrest because its worth it when the really good stuff gets brought to my attention. On the same day I also got sonic advance 3 complete for GBA for £6 and I got now that's what I call music dance and sing, and the Michael Jackson experience complete for Wii for a quid each. 
on the 21st I got what I consider a great little haul I got Advanced Wars Dual Strike for DS complete for 99pence (I adore this game).I also got a whole bunch of Wii U games for £2.99 each I got Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, New Super Mario Bros, two copies of Star Fox Zero, two copies of Splatoon, Lego starwars the force awakens, Hyrule Warriors, Watch dogs and splinter cell blacklist. All of them were complete and I might be wrong but figured I'd grab this stuff while its cheap. 
I ended the months purchases on the 27th when I went in an Indy game shop today and they tried to sell me some GBA carts they'd got in recently, I had to inform them out of the 20 carts they had 15 were fakes, I did buy two real loose carts Mech Platoon and Konami Krazy Racers for £6.50 in total though so not a completely wasted trip.
So In the end I spent £74.39 On retro games. This is a bit more than I have spent some months but I dont feel its a massive amount as I got a lot of bang for my bucks. I am a little bit peved off about the NES/Famicom adaptors but its not the end of the world and there are a lot more things to be happy about. All in all I would call it a great month

Friday, 7 June 2019

My Retro Purchases in May 2019

Ok this post is both a little bit late and a little bit short, but to be honest I didn't really buy all that much last month anyways here goes. So last months retro purchases started on the 7th when I got a slim ps2 all wires 2 official pads, a memory card and 4 games goldeneye rogue agent, the lord of the rings the return of the king, star wars battlefront 2 and kingdom hearts (all of them boxed but with kingdom hearts missing its manual) for 10quid.

I didn't get anything else until the 14th when I went to a local Indy game shop and got a loose n64 pilot wings cart for £5 and then the network disc for the ps2 with case and manual for £5. I have had the ps2 network/hardrive adaptor for years but never had the disc, I ended up using a macboot memory card to use it, not sure ill start using it the proper way but its nice to have the option, and to have the adaptor with the proper stuff that would have come with it originally.

I also got a wii for £7.50 with all its wires and 2 nunchucks but no remote, but it did come with wii sports in a paper case and then 4 games all boxed with instructions wii play, the bigs, tna impact and tiger woods pga tour 09 (the last ones still sealed).

On the 29th I went in a charity shop and I got I got Wii sports resort for £1.50 and it also had a Wii sports disc in it behind the manual. Its kind of funny getting two wii sport discs in the space of one month I guess, its not like its something I set out to do though. This was my final purchase of the month.

All in all it was a very no frills month, I don't think I did particularly brilliantly with anything but I think the £24 pounds I spent went a fairly long way. I really seem to investing less time in the retro hunting recently but trust me I still adore my old games and even if I never purchased another single game then id still have more than enough to play till the end of time

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Madeline McCann: Funding granted for another year

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade then I am sure that you will have heard of Madeleine McCann the little girl who disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007 while on holiday with her parents (while left in the apartment alone while they visited a nearby tapas establishment).

I am not going to go into the minute details if your interested in knowing more I would strongly recommend you check out the decent netflix multi part documentary.

I remember the case well as I was working in a bar at the time and we regularly had the news on the telly, not only that but pretty much every customer who came through the door had an opinion.

Since then the story has never really gone away and even as my life has changed I have followed it. I spent a few years working with children and the topic would often be raised, with plenty of parents giving there own opinions of the whole affair. I think its just become one of those news stories which will never be forgotten. 

In honesty though the truth is for all of the interest and all of the investigations we don't really know anymore now than we did back then and yet more than £11m has been spent on the Met Police inquiry alone which is officially known as Operation Grange, since it began back in 2011. Despite this the UK Home Office has said that it intends to continue funding this operation indicating that from now until march 2020 it will be getting a similar level of funding as it was granted for 2019, when the inquiry was given £300,000.

Now stop for just a minute and try to name 5 other children who have gone missing since Madeline.... I would imagine that right now most people would have either have drawn a complete blank or at best named one or two children.

So whats happened regarding Madeline in the last 6 years? Well Four people were identified as suspects in 2013 but no further action was taken after they were interviewed by both Portuguese officers and the Met Police and on the 10th anniversary of her dissaperance in 2017 detectives said that they were still pursuing a "critical line of inquiry" which from the lack of anything else being said you'd have to assume this line ran cold.

I think the harsh truth is that unfortunately children go missing all of the time and most are not fortunate enough to get 5% of the cash spent on them that Madeline has had spent on her. I think its time to let her go, now I'm sure someone will tell me that's not fair on her parents but is it really fair how much has been spent on her while other cases have practically been ignored?

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

My Retro Purchases in April 2019

So neither my blogging or my YouTubing have got off the ground again this month and I havent been taking photos of things either so once again there are going to be no pictures sorry about that I know its duller reading through lists like this without something to look at so I appologise hopefully by next month I will have at least sorted out a few pitures to make things a little more intresting.

My first retro purhases of the month happend on the 14th a complete Japanese copy of MRC racing for the N64 arrived that I had paid 2pounds for with free postage from ebay and from a small indy games store I got a complete copy of Sonic 2 for megadrive for 3pounds. The funny thing is a few days later a second complete copy of MRC arrived and when I messaged them about the error the seller just told me to keep it.

On the 21st I went on a carboot and got a whole bunch of things which I will go on to list below

For 1quid I got a small ds case with a loose mystery stories ds cart in it and 4 loose psp games been 10 alien force, ridge racer 2, after burner black falcon and monster Hunter portable 2g.

I got a loose Gameboy cart of sensible soccer European championship for 2quid

WWF Attitude loose cart for N64 for 1quid

For 5quid I got a TwoDS (a day piracy type cart that can do gba and D's games) with a 8gig sd card in it, a 512mb psp memory card, nhl96 for megadrive boxed no manual and a whole bunch of Mac os installation discs which might help with an old project I never finished.

For 2quid I got a loco roco demo disc for psp in it's packaging.

Bomberman fantasy race for ps1 boxed but missing manual for 50pence

Bubble Bobble revolution complete for ds for 1quid

Fable complete for the Xbox for a quid

and Duel masters for ps2 complete for 50pence

On the 27th I went in Game and they'd marked the two retron HD Nes consoles they had in stock down from 59.99 to 19.99 each so I purchased both of them figured I'd use one of them to play my NES carts from now on and not risk the actual console, surprised to find there are things I prefer about the cadet pad you get with it over the original NES pad. Overall I am very happy with these I wasnt sure with them being new wether to list them here or not but deided that as I consider them part of my retro stuff then why not.

On the 29th I went to the charity shop my daughter used to work at and one of the managers stopped me and said they had something to offer me, it was 3 boxed complete NES games for 2pound each. I brought them and I am very happy with them they are Mission Impossible, Isolated Warrior and Gauntlet 2. Awesome day especially as I can play them on my new retron HD.

I would call this a pretty darn good month I spent £64.98 which I dont think is a bad amount at all ,its not the most or least I have spent but I think for what I spent I got some pretty good stuff and the Retron HD consoles will help me to more easily enjoy the old Nintendo games I own this may atually make them my favourate purhases of the month although I am very very happy with the 3 boxed NES games.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

My Retro Purchases in March 2019

So its been another really slow month for buying retro games, I have purchased very little but I am not too worried about this, I am a little more worried that my blogging and YouTubing seems to have pretty much stopped but again not to worried, I dont think im coming to the end of my blogging days I just think this is a bit of a holiday period for me. Once again there are going to be no pictures because to cut to the chase I just didnt want to take the time to photo the stuff.

I didnt grab my first game until March the 18th when I grabbed Toejam and Earl for the megadrive boxed but no manual today 10quid from an Indy game store which seemed like a pretty good price at the time and upon further research I am really really happy I grabbed it because im darn sure that if I didnt I would have lived to regret it.
The next and last time I purchased retro games was on the 20th of March  when I again visited a local Indy shop where I spent 15pounds and got 3 loose N64 carts wwf warzone, turok 2 and chopper attack and then got side pocket (American version) complete for the megadrive.
This means that I only spent £25 this month which is another low spending month for me but I am very very happy with what I got with the gem proberbly being ToeJam and Earl because I used to play this game a whole heck of a lot as a kid.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

My Retro Purchases in Febuary 2019

Well this month has been an incredibly slow month for retro game purchases. It hasnt been a total waste though, in fact I think I would argue that its a successful month because I didnt get much but I am happy with what I did get. I havent sorted out any pictures again this month, so I hope this doesnt dissapoint anyone too much.

My first purchases were on the 7th which in my oppinion was a pretty good day for the old retro gaming. I went in a charity shop like 5 minutes from my house on the way home from work and I got Windsurfers Paradise for the original Playstation sealed for 95pence, Ronin Blade for the original Playstation sealed for 95pence, Shadowman for the original Playstation sealed for 95pence, Who wants to be a Millionaire for the original playstation complete for 50pence, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone for the original playstation complete for 50pence, Freestyle Scooter for the original playstation complete for 50pence, Crash Bandicoot (Platinum version) for the original playstation complete for 50pence, Syphon Filter 2 (Platinum Version)for the original playstation complete for 50pence, and Crash Team Racing disc and manaul in empty case for 50pence. It was a really crazy amount of stuff picked up in one go for a really low price and it really made me happy.
On the 13th I grabbed Elebits for the DS boxed but missing manual from cash convertors (American) for 99pence , I have wanted this game for blooming ages having been a massive fan of the Wii Elebits game which is a lot more common to find out in the wild.

My last purchaes of the month happended on the 18th when I grabbed a few snes carts, I grabbed  3 of them for £6 in total they were Striker, NBA live 95 and Super Wrestlemania all loose and pal. from an indy games shop.
I only actually spent £12.84 this month proberbly making it the least I have spent on retro games during a month for several years. Will I spend more next month? I have no idea. My favourate purchase of the month would have to be the DS Elebits.

Monday, 18 February 2019

How to use Microsoft game pass to save money and my opinion on Crackdown 4 and Forza Horrizon 4

So thanks to Microsofts gamepass which I am not sure if I would recomend at £7.99 a month of not but would very heartly recomend you try with the various try for £1 a month or £2 for two months deals they have been offering, I have managed to try a few things CrackDown 3 being one of them so I thought I would give a quick opinion on what I have tried. Starting with Crackdown 3 I think that it is important to say that so far I have only put a few hours in to it but from what I have played I have found it to be very enjoyable, it wont set the world on fire, in total honesty despite being prettier nothing much is that diffrent between this and the first game in the series but then again why try to fix what is not broken. If you enjoy open world games and like driving and shooting and taking down bad guys then you could certainly do a lot worse, I am not sure that it is really worth its full Recomended Retail Price though, in this case I actually feel that within a month of GamePass just playing it here and there that you would most likly have been able to see everything in the game you want to see and will have probably grown tired of it. So in this case I would strongly recomend that you grab game pass on offer if possible and play the heck out of the game grab some agility orbs, do some crazy stunts in the various cars but hold the majority of your cash back in order to buy something with a bit more to it than this.

I have also been playing Forza Horrizon 4 on Gamepass now this is a game that I do think has enough content and is good enough to buy but I figured that I would just keep playing it on gamepass until the cheap gamepass offers went away, at which point I will proberbly buy Horrizon 4 but I imagine by then it should be a darn site cheaper to grab a second hand copy from some video game shop or pawn store. I guess what I am trying to get at is the fact that if GamePass is cheap grab it and play as much stuff as you can because you will likly save yourself a tonne of cash either by finishing games and removing the need to buy them or at the very least tredding water for awile until the price of the games you want becomes lower.

I keep meaning to try Sea of Theieves but there is just so little time and so many games, I have also used GamePass to try a whole bunch of indy games and to even download Knights of the Old Republic a game I very much loved back on the original Xbox, sure I own this game, I have it somewere in my house but if its there and I can play it for awile at least and put off having to find the disc then why not.

If there is anything I believe in the world of video games its that you should try to get as much bang for your buck as you can, and I think with a little bit of tactical spending then GamePass can be your friend.