Thursday, 14 September 2017

Tales from the Crypt presents: Body Count

Tales from the Crypt presents: Body Count was originally going to be the third Tales from the crypt film with the original Trilogy order being Dead Easy, Demon Knight and then Finally Body Count. If its hard to get info on Dead Easy then its basically imposible to get anything on Body Count no one seems to know anything about what it would have been beyond the title and a very basic plot outline. If the film had been made it would have been about a young guy who while compiling clips for a documentary about violent crimes, discovers his uncle's dubious past. I have never even been able to find out what it was about his uncles past he would find out but I would imagine that it would be that he was a serial killer hence the name BodyCount. I imagine it would be something a little bit like the film The GoodWife (which is based on a Stephen King story) but with it being a nephew finding out his uncle is a killer instead of a woman finding out her husband is one. I also imagine there would have been more gore and more humour to sort of bring it in to line with the whole Tales from the Crypt style. 

I wonder if this film actually had a proper complete script or if there was merly a few outline notes made, at the moment I have no idea how much work was actually done in terms of BodyCount. I didnt really think that there was enough here for a blog post but I wanted to cover this film without going on and on with nothing to really say about it. This potential film is really nothing more than a little footnote in the history of Tales From The Crypt and so thats exactly how I have treated it.


  1. It actually turned out the uncle was trying to bring the dead back to life.

  2. See TALES FROM THE CRYPT PRESENTS BODY COUNT was slated for an April 1997 release with a script by X Files alums James Wong and Glen Morgan because Joel Silver was a big fan of the show. It was about that - a young wannabe stoner type filmmaker tries to compile clips for a doc about violent crimes but in doing so discovers his uncle is trying to resurrect the dead and succeeds. But since it's a Crypt movie it backfires and the monster turns out to have a Rambo type mind and goes on a vigilante rampage. However it ultimately fell through cause producers Gil Adler and AL Katz being the ''geniuses'' they are thought it was too silly and stupid. Yet they would write Bordello Of Blood which had Aubrey Morris play around with the corpse of a fat woman who passes gas.
    I still don't know what happened to the script but I remember reading it and I thought it was great. Goofy, weird, cynical and incredibly macabre. James was in talks to direct the film but didn't get along with Gil and AL who throughout Demon Knight,Bordello Of Blood,Fat Tuesday and Body Count were ridiculously difficult and wanted everything done their way. To sum it up - they were hacks.
    I won't give anything away except the screenplay had references to the events of other Tales episodes, would include a cameo by Jeryline from DK and Roger (the main protagonist of Fat Tuesday), ended with a gang and police shootout climax with our lead trying to destroy the beast and the wraparound Cryptkeeper segements were him at the Oscars. Another reason why the film was scrapped was because it was deemed too expensive.
    It really would've been a fun movie and I feel bad for both Wong and Morgan cause they worked so hard on that script and Silver, Giler, Donner, Zemeckis and especially Hill all loved it.
    Best way I would describe BODY COUNT is it was if the television show WEEDS was a horror film.