So you start of in the shop able to make a handful of weapons, None Player Characters (NPC's) visit you and tell you that they need a weapon to complete a quest with. Now your shop has come up with this novel approach where you dont sell weapons, no you rent them out to people, people come tell you they need a weapon and then leave, after this you have a bit of time to make a weapon for them before they return and ask for it. Soon you will find that you have returning customers and the more they come back and have you rent them equipment the more you get to learn about them, there character, there story and the wider story of the world around you. The game is a very story heavy game, yes there is gameplay to it but the gameplay is very simple and its not what keeps you playing really, its the story which keeps you going. So the gameplay is a mix of basic decision making and rhythm based gameplay, so someone will come and say they need a weapon and you work out what weapon to make by reading into why they need it and what kind of thing they prefer and then when you make it you do it via a rhythem game. Basically you have a large hunk of metal laid out on your work table and you see the way you should tap it, it might be tap tap tap, or tap pause tap pause tap and whatever it is you need to do the better you manage to do it the better the weapon will turn out.
If you make the right weapon for the right person and do a good job of it then that helps that person to be successful in there quest and then they will return the weapon you rented them, and they will pay you, give them a badly made incorrect weapon and they will fail there quest and youll see neither your weapon returned or your pockets lined. right weapon means a successful quest and payment to you, but loan out the wrong armament and you might not hear back from your customers again. You find yourself getting wraped up in to peoples stories, you want to see them come in again, to find out how they are getting on and what they are up to.

In conclusion I think that Omasse is a great game that not enough people have heard of and thats why I wanted to do my part to make sure that more people hear about it. The game is kinda niche so its most likly very diffrent to the rest of the games you have been playing on your 3DS and its well incredably charming, its a basic game but its so easy to pick up and it really draws you in. I would give this game a Strong 8 out of 10 and recomend it.