Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 2016 Retro Game purchases.

Well my game purchasing for the month started on Tuesday the 3rd of May 03, I was passing my local Granger games and went in and got WWE All Stars: (Essential version) For the PSP complete for £2. A few days latter on the 5th I was visiting a pawn store and picked up the following loose Gameboy Advance carts for £1 each XXX, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Barnyard, and Narnia The lion the witch and the wardrobe.

Two of my favourate purcchases of the month arrived on Saterday the 7th.
Etrian Odyssey for the DS complete which I paid £10 for including postage and Fire Pro Wrestling 2 for the Super Famicom (Japanese Snes) game boxed complete for £5. I actually played and complete Etrian Odyssey a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I have wanted to own it for a long time but have just been waiting to try and get it for a good price.

On the 8th after work I nipped into Granger again and got Gangs of London (platinum version) complete for the psp for £1. The following day I nipped into game and got a small pile of complete PSP games for £5 these were Lego Harry Potter years 5 to 7, Swat Target Liberty. Beaterator, Gran Turismo (platinum), Ratchet and Clank Size Matters (Platinum), and Motorstorm Arctic Edge (Platinum). I also got a Japanese copy of Super Pinball Behind the Mask for the SNES cart only arrive from ebay it cost me £2 including postage, I got it partly because of the cheap price but also because it is a game I intend to review. 
After this things went cold for a bit, there didnt seem to be much out there worth buying so I did the sensible thing and didnt buy anything until the 16th, when I grabbed 3 complete DS games for £2 in total. I got Puzzle collection, Junior brain trainer and Dolphin Island underwater adventure. Yeah they are not the most intresting of games but Dolphin Island is actually one of the games with some special DSi functionality apparently which is kind of cool. Then on the 18th I grabbed 
some more PSP stuff  I got Coded arms, Star Wars battlefield renegade squadron and Saw 2(film) all complete for £2 in total. The following day I went in to some charity shops and got Sonic Heroes (classics version) complete for Xbox for £2 and Odd World Munches Odyssey complete for xbox for £2 as well.

On the 23rd I was popping into a local game store so that my daughter could grab some Yugio cards and I grabbed 8 Loose game discs in plastic sleeves for £5, these games were Gauntlet Dark Legacy on Xbox, Duel Masters ps2, Legend of kay ps2, R racing ps2, Metal Slug 3 xbox, Metal Dungeon xbox, and 2 copies of Dynasty Tactics.
Then on the 28th I got Dancing Stage Unleashed complete game for XBOX for £1 from a charity shop. I am not even sure if I have a dance mat but the game was in such good condition I couldnt help but grab it. I also grabbed 2 Official Playstation 1/2 Composite TV leads for £1 each.

On the 30th I spent £2 on a few PS2 games Space Invaders:Invasion day (boxed no manual), Dirt Track devils (Complete), and Eden (complete). Really I was just going to grab Space Invaders:Invasion day but they were all £1 buy 2 get 1 free so I kind of thought sod it I will get a couple of games.

Then on the last day of the month I spent almost as much as I had spent all month .I grabbed a little bulk lot of games for £25. I got Wrestle War for the megadrive complete,
Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 for the PS1 complete,Mech Warrior 2 for the ps1 complete,Monkey Hero for the ps1 complete(Value series edition),Eragon for DS complete (American), The Last AirBender for DS complete, and 2 Sealed copies of Finding Nemo Escape to the big blue for Nintendo ds. Being a huge Starwars fan and also having fond memories of playing it when it came out I was very happy to get my hands on Rebel Assault 2.

This means that I spent something around £75 on retro games this month, its not a huge amount but it is kind of scary when you think of it as a whole amount, but then when it comes out a little bit here and then I guess its not to bad. It could be far worse I  could be drinking it away or something.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Courting Contrversy Kate and Gerry McCann

Ok so basically we all remember Madeline McCann right the little three year old girl who went missing while on holiday in Portugal. At the time this happend I worked for a pub as a shift manager and we had a big plasma screen TV across from the bar which in the mornings was always on the news channel so i saw report after report on the whole thing. I was also in a position where a large percentage of my locals would stop and ask me my oppinion or would just generally want to debate the available facts. In 2007 I had a 5 year old daughter and the truth of the matter was that she was pretty much always with me or with my mother, she was never left to sleep in an empty house or caravan or holiday apartment while everyone went out and had a meal, heck there was a shop directly across the road from my mum and dad's house and I mean directly across the road on the same street , and I wouldnt even leave her asleep in the front room of there house in her play pen when she was little and run to grab a coke. A parent is a kids first line of defence from the world and most decent parents absolutly shit a brick when there kid starts secondary school and you have to leave them alone to walk to school so to me the McCann's seemed to lack this spark of parental worry which I see as normal.

At the time I did frequently comment that if they had not been upper class if they had basically been working class parents then they would have arrived home and instantly been investigated for child neglect and that they would have run the risk of having there other children removed from there care, after all lets face it some parents with less cultural capital than them have had there children whiped out from under them for far less. I know my words made some people very angry because they thought I should have been feelign sorry for the parents of a missing child, they also didnt like how I would complain about all the resources spent on finding this kid, lets stop and face the fact though that loads of kids go missing and some bearly hit the headlines, its not that I think its wrong to be looking for missing children more that I think its wrong to prioritise this one kid to such a degree.

 Now the McCann thing has never gone away but recently Sharon Osbone branded Kate and Gerry McCann "insane" for leaving their three-year-old daughter alone in their room while at a holiday resort in Portugal in 2007. Now I am not a fan of Sharon Osbourne in fact I have often described her as a bit of a mad old bat, but in this case I think the lady had a point, she has now been backed by
 Katie Price (AKA Jordan) The former glamour model aired her views on Loose Women,insisting they shouldn't have left Madaline alone the night she disappeared.Which got a mixed reaction from viewers - with many applauding her for being so honest. Now forgive me for being a bit of a cunt but I think Katie Price is a bit of a dumb shit who has often been caught being offended that other people would mention her kids one moment and then using them for her own publicity the next but I agree with her completly on this... Yes my folks were not rich our holidays were not in Portugal they were in Skegness and places like that but I would say that they were infantly better parents, either they would take me whereever they went or if I was sleepy or tired then my mum would stay and look after me while my dad would go fetch takeout or the ingrediants to cook something. People seem to think that they have a right to a quiet meal or time alone well sorry but the minute you became parents you gave up some of those rights, you have to learn to juggle your responsibilities and your needs and being rich should not provide you with a get out of jail free card.

Not only should the McCann's get used to having there moment of stupidity questioned but in a truly equal world they should have been questioned by social services, that was my oppinion then and thats my oppinion now and I truly do not give a shit about holding that oppinion, it is one I would have brought up if I had been in charge of interviewing them.

I wouldn't normally say this, but I agree with Sharon Osbourne (ugh, I feel dirty). Seriously, how charges of neglect or abuse were never brought up against the McCanns makes me sick. Anyone looking for what happened to Maddie needs to understand it's only one of two possible conclusions.
1) They killed her and are covering it up.
2) They sold her and are covering it up.
Meanwhile, they return to the UK, milk the media circus for all it's worth with some of the least convincing acting I've seen in a long time and bare in mind I watch pro-wrestling, so I've seen some bad fucking acting.They set up a charity which no doubt they're making a mint from as CEO/COO of said organisation. They release a book about their 'struggle', once again cashing in on the life of their daughter. Negligent bastards, I hope they suffer long, painful, agonising deaths.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My take on recent happenings in the world of wrestling

Ok so this is a bit of a piece just talking about the world in wrestling and a few of the things that have either happend or have been reported on lattl.

So the first thing I want to talk about is the fact that Cody Rhodes asked to be released by the WWE and they granted him his request. This was followed up by him promising that he would reveal why and then doing so. The long and short of it is that despite having loved his time and having been proud to have been involved with the trainers and wrestlers he has been involved with he doesnt feel that he is being properly used, this is something I actually agree with. Cody Rhodes is a very good wrestler who has made every gimic and ankle he has been given work. The following quote from his letter sums things up nicly ''My goal in pro-wrestling has always been to win the WWE Championship(the one accolade in the game my Father never obtained), and for a decade I tried to convince both Vince and HHH that I could be their star-player, their varsity quarterback if you will, but it seems we have reached the point where neither saw that in me.''.

Dusty was there in a time when all of the hopes and dreams of the federation where largly hung on Hulk Hogan, so despite all of his charisma and skill he was kind of relegated to being a back bencher, despite everything he had going for him. You would think that having seen how dangerous it is to pin everything on one wrestler the WWE would have learned itss lessons. We dont need in my oppinion to have the likes of Triple H and Cena going for huge numbers of times they have held the big belt, we need that belt to be held by diffrent people to change hands to keep things exciting and to thrust people in to the limelight, WWE doesnt need one or 2 big stars it needs an awesome rosta over all one which is full of talent. Is this the right decision for him to have made? I think so, he hasnt stamped off in a paddy so if he goes out there wrestles in Japan maybe or uses his acting skills to get noticed and then either wants to return or they realise what they have lost then lets just say his slate is pretty clean, its not like he ran off screaming up yours I hate you all. I would recomend reading the full letter it is a pretty classy letter which sets the record straight without being arsy. Plus he had many good matches and held the tag championship 6 times so maybe one day he will be a hall of famer.

In slightly lesser news but also worth a breif mention today WWE have confirmed the release of Eden Stiles at her request for those that dont know Eden's husband is Cody Rhodes. She was working for WWE as a ring announcer a role she originally started in 2011 before leaving and then returning in 2013 until now.

Speaking of Triple H, apparently he has been considering retiring from in ring action. I actually think this is a fantastic idea, the man has had his high moments and certainly has more than enough accolades to be a hall of famer so why not retire from physical wrestling while still healthy and instead use his brains and experiance for his other roles within the industry. Wrestling is one of those industrys where you see far too many people keep on going and going well past the point that they should. As much as I love certain old wrestlers who just never wanted to quit I do think that it is proberbly best for both them and for business if they get out at a reasonable age and instead of trying to have a career that lasts until they are in the grave they focus on using what they have learned to help push the stars of tommorow.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is someone else leaving the WWE, someone who left due to a contract dispute and this is the former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

To simplify it Ryback had issues with the fact that the winner of a certain match is paid more than the wrestler who loses ddespite wins and losses being predetermined and not related to the amount of effort a performer puts into his performance. It was reported that, Ryback demanded a change in his contract, basically he was asking for the pay diffrence between winner and loser to be lessend. 
Ryback was sent back home during the RAW after WWE Payback pay-per-view.
Ryback then hinted on leaving the company. Ass things stand it looks like his contract will be left to expire and he has hinted that he might be TNA bound. Now I am not a huge fan of Ryback, I find him to be a decent wreslter but I do think that potentially he has made a good point as far as pay goes. As a kid I loved Hulk Hogan but lets face it who did the real work to make Hogan a Legend? Yes some of it was Hogan himself, some of it was creative but without real good Villians like Piper and the Million Dollar man who would give a crap about a hero? It was those Villians who really made the great TV moments I remember so when you look at it that way they deserve a fair cut of the cash dont you think? This is the kind of discusion the WWE would proberbly like to avoid though as if everyone felt this way it would mean more payouts or a rearannging of the entire way fianances within the company are handled.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A heart felt post about the value of trust

Whenever you hear talk of relationships be they friendship based or love based or even relationships of nesecity such as the relationship between co-workers then your going to hear the word trust. You see as far as I am concerned trust is fundamental to life, or to be precise fundamental to a good life.
You need trust in order to have true happiness and I am not just saying that you need to be trusted by your partner or to trust your partner you need trust in yourself and to have the trust of those you hold dear be they your family or your friends and no im not talking mere acquatances I am talking real friends the ones who are basically the family you choose for yourself. To put it simply if you cannot trust in anything, then life soon becomes completly shit not all at once but bit by bit it becomes more and more of a battle against intolerable lonlyness, paranoia and dread, with no trust youll soon find you dread even waking up.

You can’t have relationships of any worth whatsoever without trust. Intimacy is the glue that all relationships depend on . I would not be surprised in even the slightest if more relationships were fucked up by trust issues than by actual infidelity. A partner who can’t trust the other not to betray them has a very high chance of pushing there significant other away or in fact increaseing there odds of cheating..Now I am not saying if you trust someone you will never be cheated on it would be lovely if that was true but if you spend every second of your life watching the other person certain that they are going to cheat on you it cant do you or them any good.

Its not just romantic relationships where this can be applied though it also applies in the workplace too, trust is essential for most people to be able to do there best at work. A work place without trust will be full of backstabbing, fear and paranoia. If you work for a boss who doesn’t trust you to do things correctly they will most likly be checking up on you all the time and this lack of trust will make you feel like shit. Add to this colleagues who don’t trust one another and youll spend more time watching your back than actually working, more time doubting yourself, doubting them, doubting your boss, it all becomes an unhealthy cycle.

The exact same can be said about friendships.
So whats a guy or girl to do about it all well you have to start with an act of faith, put simply you have to say fuck it this person seems decent I will trust them. Will your trust sometimes be misplaced? Of course it will for every trust worthy person out there there are at least 4 arseholes, heck even some of the best of us will fall from grace now and then. You will never have a truly deep connection with someone if your not willing to trust them on at least some level.

You dont have to trust everyone but once you can deeply trust a handful of peope then you have yourself a tribe and thats when you will feel that you belong.