Monday, 31 December 2018

My Retro Purchases in December 2018

 I started my retro purchasing on the 3rd by getting 5 Megadrive carts for £5. Four of  them are sports titles though but I cant moan really, The games are Fifa 95, Fifa 96, NHLPHA 93, Olympic Summer games and Mega Games 6 (the one with World cup italia 90, super hang on, street of rage, the revenge of shinobi, columns and Golden axe) it was a lisiting on a face book sales group and in total honesty it is that last cart which is the real diamond in the rough in this little lot

On the 8th of Decemember I went in to a little indy store and grabbed a few bits. I got Virtual soccer for the SNES cart only for £2, Nigel Mansells world championship racing for the snes cart only for £2, Fifa for the megadrive cart only for £1, madden 2000 for the Gameboy Colour cart only for 50p and World Soccer for the Master system complete for £2... Nothing amazing but it was still fun to go and have a look at what they had on offer and bring a little bit of something home.

On the 16th I grabbed two loose SNES carts  from an indy store for £14 for the both of them. I think I maybe have Star Wars somewhere but I am darn happy to get Power Rangers as not only did I love watching it when it came out but its basically a walk along beat em up which is right up my alley.

On the 20th of this month I went to an indy games shop after work and I got Tactics Orge Premium Edition complete for £8 including its art book and soundtrack cd.

While there I also grabbed a cartridge only copy of Rock n Roll Racing for the SNES an all time childhood favourate of mine for £15, despite being a relatily costly one this is proberbly my purchased of the month just because I really love this game and have been after a SNES copy for a long time ( I have a complete Megadrive copy and have had it for years but I just really really wanted it on the SNES

On the 29th I grabbed The Rescue of Princess Blobette for GameBoy cart only for £2 and Game And Watch Gallery for GameBoy cart only for 50pence

So in total I spent £52 on retro games this month which was quiet a suprising amount for me, I really didnt expect to spend this sort of money in Decemember. The thing I am most happy about getting is probably Rock n Roll Racing for the SNES as I used to play that a whole heck of a lot as a kid and its something I have kind of been casually hunting for a long time. I guess by using the term casually hunting I need to explain what I mean by that, basically I have been looking for it without just doing the lazy thing of jumping on ebay and paying whatever I needed to pay to just get it.