Friday, 31 March 2017

March's Retro game purchases 2017

The first Retro purchase in March wasnt until Sunay the 12th of March, on the way home from work I went into an indy game store and I got Knights of the old republic 2 complete for xbox for £3 and Final fantasy tactics (budget re-release version) complete for psp for £4. Which although a late start I dont think it was a bad start. If anything it had taken me so long to get something as I hadnt really been looking for stuff as I had started the month by buying a Nintendo Switch and so didnt want to spend too much on other things for myself.

The following day Monday the 13th I went in to a charity shop and picked up a few bits and pieces I got Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chaos bleeds complete for Xbox £2, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast complete for xbox £2, and Burnout 3 Takedown complete for xbox £2

This was followed by a quick look in a retro games shop which got me James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing complete for GameCube £1, GripShift complete for PSP £1 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up complete for Wii for £4. For those who dont know Smash Up is basically a Ninja Turtles themed Smash Brothers clone which a lot of people have spoken favourably about, I have seen it for sale before but it has always been either a lot more expensive in really bad nick or both of the above, so I was pretty happy to be able to get it at this price in good condition.
On friday the 17th I got a nice little haul from a charity shop, I got Sonic Heroes complete for ps2 50pence (platinum version), Star Trek shatterd universe complete for ps2 for 50pence, The Sims 2 for psp complete for £1, Medal of Honour for psp complete for £1 (platinum version) and Tekken Dark Resurrection for psp complete for £1 (platinum version) now while none of these are exactly the best or rariest games in the world they were all in good condition.

On the 20th I hit another Indy game shop, this is one of those places that doesnt tend to price up its gear instead running on a you take it up to the till they tell you what they want for it, they also tend to give you a pretty good deal if you grab a pile of stuff as apposed to one game. So in the end I got the following little pile for £23. Ape Academy 2, Final Fantasy 2, and Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins for psp disc (UMD) only, Space Station Silicon Valley, Turok Rage Wars, 1080 snowboarding and jet force gemini for n64 Cart only. As far as I am concerned the best two parts about this were getting Space Station Silicon Valley as whenever I have seen this before its been around £16 and getting Ultimate Ghouls and Ghosts as I have never actually seen it in the flesh before, sure its a little dissapointing that its just the UMD but its better to have just a disc or cart than to not have a game at all.

It was a sort of slow month admitidly but I was always sure that it would be with it being the same month that the Swith came out. I only spent £46 but I did get somethings I really wanted so I cant complain. So will I get much next month? To be honest I am not sure, I guess time will tell.

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