Sunday, 3 January 2016

Ash versus Evil Dead episode 8: Ashes To Ashes Review

OK before you start reading this, if you havent read one of my Ash Versus Evil Dead reviews before then I need to sua that this will be very spoiler heavy so if you want to watch the episode without knowing what is going to happen go do that first then come back to this.

Well the first thing I can say about this episode is that if your a long time Evil Dead fan then this episode is an absolute nostalgia feast. Getting to see Ash return to the cabin where it all started is just the starting point but it needs to be said at this point that the replica of the cabin that they made for this show is so good that you will never stop and wonder if its the same place or not you will just accept that it is the cabin and role with it, which is great because the Cabin itself is just one of those movie locations that has been so fleshed out that it almost feels as if it is a character in its own right.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the skeletal head of his girlfriend Linda was still there, right where he had left it, trapped in a vice, this really hammerd home that this is not just a TV show  loosely based on the Evil Dead films this is a real continuation of events. The way Linda's head came back to life and played with his emotions being nasty and tormenting one moment and then turning this on its head and asking him why he left her and if he didn't love her the next was right on. It was good to see Ash struggling to fight against the Evil as it tried to use the fact that everyone he loves dies against him.

As Kelly and Pablo wander through the woods tooled up and ready to face danger we have Amanda finding Ash. Kelly and Pablo meet some backpackers while Amanda meets an Ash, an Ash which has grown from his evil possessed hand. I have to admit that its great to have seen the hand but its even better to get to see an Evil Ash again. I know that they dont apparently have the rights to Army of Darkness but the way this is played there is a definite head nod to that film in my opinion. It came completely out of the blue to see Evil Ash violently murder Amanda it surprised me in a way that doesn't happen very often, but I am not completely sure how I feel about it. I guess the character was built up more than enough to make you truly sad to see her pass but then on the other side of the coin she was perhaps built up a bit too much. It now feels like a lot of time and effort was invested in to getting us to know and like this person just so we would go ''oh no'' when they died.

The episode ends with Kelly and Pablo coming face to face with both Good Ash and Bad Ash and all I can say is I am really enjoying this show and cant wait to see how this series plays out. I am just so glad that a second series is now going to happen.

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