Friday, 1 January 2016

My Plans for my blog this year

OK so its a new year and although I dont believe in making new years resolutions as such I do believe in looking forward and thinking about your next steps. Last year was kind of important for this blog in two ways, one it had to change site due to the site it was originally hosted on being taken down and secondly it was the year in which I managed the most posts, there must have been a good 40 posts on the old place this year before it was shut down and then I managed 105 here.

My posts this year seem to have been split between Video Games, Horror, Wrestling and sort of political rants with the occasional mention  of comic books. I guess in some ways it must be confusing that I flip between these things and I have given a lot of thought to if I should somehow limit myself, if I should pick a core subject and just focus on it or run multiple blogs but I have decided against doing both of these for various reasons. So this means that I basically intend to carry on with this mixed bag approach. In the past I have also juggled pod-casts and YouTube videos along side my blog and while I miss both of these to some degree I dont really think that I have the time to return to them, particularly not YouTube videos. Making half decent YouTube videos actually requires a lot of work. So the next question is am I still writing fiction, well that is a tough one to answer, I actually did finish a novella which now needs to be taken from the draft form and polished and edited but this in itself is a process which will take up a good junk of time, beyond this I just dont know. I have been writing novels, novellas and short stories for around 3 years and the truth is that I feel a little burned out, I guess the correct answer is that if a really good idea gets wings and starts to seep out of me then I will write it down and take it from there, but if it does not then well I guess it doesn't.

As for this place? Well I intend to finish my 150 SNES reviews, I dont have a time table or even know what I will or will not being reviewing but I am determined that by the time I sit down to write next years ''My Plans for my blog this year'' post I will have finished these reviews. I also intend to review the rest of the episodes of Ash Versus Evil Dead, to talk more about the WWE hall of fame and to look at horror films both of the classic and trashy favourite. I also want to keep doing regular posts about my retro purchases and during the months in which I have actually managed to finish a game I will do posts about what I have completed (I have been too busy with work during December and havent managed to finish anything hence the lack of a post of this type).

What about new things and changes though? Well I do have a few Guest posters in mind, they are not anyone you will have heard of, they are intelligent people I know who I feel should keep blogs themselves but who do not, who I feel have voices and opinions on certain things that should be put out somewhere. Apart from this I will just play it by ear and see how things go.

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