Thursday, 18 February 2016

What has gone wrong with this blog

Now I know I haven't posted as much these past few months, if truth be told my life has had some ups and downs, I have also seemed to have a lot less time to game, a lot less time to watch horror movies and somehow a lot less time in general. When I have had time to spare I have spent most of it just relaxing doing very little, my writing output in general blog and none blog has been very low. Some of it is the fact that before you can talk about something you need to decide what you are going to talk about. So I guess really this is a discussion about how you decide what to write about when you own a blog. Or you could argue its a Post Mortem on why this blog seems to have died on its arse full of excuses why I haven't managed to do what I said I would do in my things I am going to do with my blog this year post.

Some people will have game blogs which are focused very tightly on one certain thing sometimes even a sub area of something so they will for example have a gaming blog which focuses purely on Sega games. I know there was a lot of content on here about the Super Nintendo but the more I wrote the more I found it to become a chore rather than a pleasure, reviewing 150 SNES games is fun when your talking about Super Mario World and Zelda but then when your talking about random football game number 4 its not so much fun. I have continuously promised to finish the 150 SNES review challenge I set myself and I cant even remember what number I am on now, I know I am just over 100. I know that I did say '' I am determined that by the time I sit down to write next years ''My Plans for my blog this year'' post I will have finished these reviews.'' I hope this is still true but I fully admit that given the fact that I haven't made any steps towards this so far this year its not looking very good so far. I did buy Super Empire Strikes Back so I have one thing I am actually enthusiastic to review. If I could go back and change my first few posts on this whole idea I would have said I will review 150 classic games or 16bit games, so I could vary things a little bit, this is advice I would give to anyone, if you are going to say that your going to do something think about how much your words will push you into a corner, stop and think about what your promising.

I had big plans for this year plans which so far have not gotten anywhere in fact most of them have already fallen through due to things out of my control, I had organised various people who were going to provide posts for this blog or enter into discussions but unfortunately this is not going to happen for all kinds of reasons.

I announced that I had finish a novella which needed to be taken from the draft form and polished and edited and I talked about all the work I would need to do on this in order to bring it up to a releasable standard, so have I been doing this? No I haven't even touched it. Most of my writing is done with particular people in mind, its tailored to them to try and either entertain them or to tell them something, this work was started for an X partner and so I haven't touched it as well it seems like a part of the past. I am sure if it was released it would entertain some people but I have no desire to dig through the past, I dont think I will ever release it as it is. Maybe I will leave it by the sidelines and either give it a huge overhaul sometime or even just cut selected pieces out of it for use in other projects. As I mentioned before I have been writing novels, novellas and short stories for about 3 years now and I am feeling kind of burned out, I have wrote a six thousand word short story since but I dont know either this story writing needs to be put to the side for awhile or I need something else to reinvigorate me, some idea or some flash of inspiration. This was never mentioned as I am not one to dwell on  the past or write long posts about problems and issues in my life after all this is a blog about entertainment media not a EastEnders blog, I think people come here for fun not for drama.

I also intended to review the rest of the episodes of Ash Versus Evil Dead, which I am not saying I wont do, but I certainly lost track of this, I have watched and enjoyed all of them but this was a case where I planned to review them on an episode by episode basis more or less as soon as they came out but have instead found myself reviewing them latter and latter, maybe I will just do one big post tackling all the remaining episodes I havent touched on yet.

I also said I would look at more years of the WWE hall of fame and yes I still intend to do this, I also in particular want to look at people who are not in the hall of fame who I really really feel need to be in there in order for the hall to not loose credibility, already I could name people in there who should not have gotten in so quickly compared to people who have not been given the honour yet who deserve to have been put in a long time ago.

Sometimes I just sit there and cant work out what I want to write, I will have 4 or 5 ideas and they will run through my mind with me trying to pick which one to follow, now I could write them all down with a number next to them and then roll a dice and do whatever the dice dictates which you would think would work but yeah not always.Either once it lands on something you decide that the answer is in fact the one you wanted to do the least, or you sit there and the ideas just wont flow I currently have like 4 posts in draft status all because I half wrote them and then ran in to some kind of wall unsure what else to put or how to finish them, they may become actual posts in the future or they might end up just being deleted.

So going forward for a start I need to set aside one night a week when I without fail make a blog post, and not a post like this where I moan about not having provided any real content for this place but an actual review or comment on some game or film as at the moment opinion pieces seem to be all I am providing, I think this is a post were a lot of what I am saying will seem like just waffle but it will make a lot more sense to people who are themselves blog writers. Its times like this I wish the website I had been employed to write for had actually gotten off the ground as I would have had a boss who would tell me when something needed to be in for and what I would have to write. Still I am waffling here so I will stop.....

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