Sunday, 12 June 2016

Thoughts on the passing of Prince

Ok first yes this is long overdue. I wrote an RIP thing about the wrestler Chyna but more or less at the same time the artist Prince died or to give him his full name Prince Rogers Nelson. I was sad that he passed but the truth is it was the passing of someone who no longer ressembled the artist I had adored in my youth. 

Prince for a long time was this guy who was just equal parts confidence, insecurity, sexuality and spirituality... the man clearly believed in a god like being and in doing right by others, In his New Power Generation phase it almost looked like he was on the verge of shaping his own religion a religion of tollerance and love, one that embrased diversity and sexuality... I always remember the line ''I hope they bury your old ideas the same time they bury you'' .. He could do stuff like that but yet he could also write these awesome love ballads like Most Beautiful Girl in the world and yet write really dirty sexy stuff like Darling Nikki and get off.... the man litterally had so many ideas for songs it seemed like he would explode... but what happend well he turned to a certain religion and really just took on everything it had to a point he lost a lot of who he was in my oppinion, I also believe his music really sufferd for it. He boxed himself in to one way of thinking and surpressed other parts of himself, and his art lost a lot of its passiion and its range.

So I didnt mourn his passing so much as it was like a freind you used to know but could now hardly regognise. What do I take from all of this? I take that a person is a balanced complex mess of emotions and beliefs and spirituality and sexuality and the real way to keep it real is to be true to every element of yourself, we all have a quiet side and a wild side, a deep side and a shallow side, if you try to kill some of them or supress them to be more this or that you become a fake version of yourself and a fake person is more unlikable than any other type of person be they loud or quiet, deep or shallow real is always better.

In the words of the purple one himself ''Life is a Parade''

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