Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My time at the Fringe festival so far.

Ok so at the moment I'm on holiday, I'm at the fringe festival watching shows and sleeping out in a tent. It has been pretty good really, sure there have been a few issues such as one particularly stupid taxi driver claiming he knew how to get to the destination we needed and then taking us on what could best be described as a magical mystery tour but despite having stuck to child suitable entertainment I have enjoyed everything I have been to see.

First we went to a show called the Comedy Club 4 kids and despite it being aimed at children it was overall very entertaining. There was a compare called Silky and them 3 comedians, I'm sorry to say I cant remember a the first and second comedians names. The first was a lady in her twenties and the second was a 13 year old lad they weren't brilliant but they served as a decent warm up to the third and final comic a man called Stuart Goldsmith who was simply put fantastic. Most of his material was about getting told off for getting home from school and instantly making a mess but he just delivered his material in a way that had both the old and young in stitches, I wasn't surprised to find on leaving that he also does adult only shows.

I went and saw a 6 person panto production of Cinderella and I have to admit they made a really good job of it throwing in both songs and cags which would appeal to the parents as well as the kids. As good as this was though it couldn't even come close to the next thing I saw which was an improvised live Doctor Who episode performed by a small group of actors. It ended up being called the Trump experiment and was all about Donald Trump being a Slitherine who was miniaturising people and launching them in small capsules into famous peoples facial hair to encourage them to become agents who would spout Trumps rhetoric and try to extend his influence. The Doctor and his assistant had to save Brian Blessid by going into his beard to free him of there influence. It was very very funny and it shared something with the old school episodes of Dr Who and that was the fact that although the sets and props might have been crappy the acting was so awesome you couldn't help but feel pulled into it and adore it...

Ok I'm sure I have spelt a lot of things wrong and made mistakes but I'm in the middle of a field tapping away on a phone so I don't think I. Have done too bad.

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