Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August 2016 Retro Game Purchases

Last month I kind of tried to spend less money on retro games but it didnt exactly go to plan sure I might have spent a little less than the month before but in general it seemed to be around the same ball park figure that I usually spend, this month I didnt really set out with any goal in mind other than to just see what was out there and what I could get my hands on for a fair price.

My first few purchases of the month were on monday the 1st of August. It started when I walked in to a charity shop and found Dancing Stage Party Edition complete for the PS1 for £1. I wouldnt have got it as I know I already own it but it was in such great condition and the price was obviously low so I thought what the heck. I carried on with my some what pointless spend by paying £2 for 3 complete PSP games Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, and Ratchet & Clank Size Matters, again I am sure I own these buut the price was great and with the PSP stuff I am kind of grabbing what I can now while its just old enough for people not to want it anymore and before it becomes popular to collect.

I also recieved something through the mail which I had paid for a few days before (I always count mail stuff like this on the day I recieve it rather than when I buy it, I guess so I dont brag about something for it to then not turn up or for the wrong item to arrive or something) I got a loose Japanese N64 cartridge of Flying Dragon for £3 with free postage. I was intrested in this cause a local indy shop has the European version and wants £36 for it so I just wonderd if it was actually any good or if its one of those games thats lame but rare so commands a high price. I still havent played it, maybe it is because I havent currently got a N64 set up, it would be easy to set one up but I know I am going to a good friends house to play games in a week, so I figure if I find my convertor that makes imports work on a UK N64 I can take it with me and we can both try it for the first time togther.

On Wednesday August the 3rd, I went in to a small inderpendent video game store and got Pokemon link complete for DS for £3 and R-TYPE Final complete for PS2 for £6. The prices seemed fair and with the way the popularity of Pokemon seems to be on the rise I figured it was worth getting any game with the name attached to it for such a small sum.

On the 5th  a boxed complete Japanese version of Eswat for the Megadrive I had orderd arrived it cost me £5 including postage.I already have an english copy but I grew up with the Japanese version and I saw it for cheap so I decicded that I wanted it. Latter on during the day I poped in to an indy store and spent £5 on a small bunch of unboxed N64 carts, Virtual pool 64, F1 world grand pri (twice) and F1 world grand pri 2. They might not be the best carts but the price was certainly right.

I then went around a week before making another purchase, on Saterday the 13th I walked in to an inderpendant games shop and found myself a complete copy of Hybrid Heaven for the N64 for £10 ,well I say complete as in there is the cart the box and manual all in awesome condition including leaflets and bits and pieces, but its missing the center of the box though the white bit that holds the cart in place, considering its wonderful condition I will have to try and track down some form of replacment.

On the 14th I popped in to my local CEX, I had heard that they would possibly be selling some retro items again and was quiet happy to find Toy Story for the SNES cart only for £5 so instantly got it. There was quiet a few N64 carts as well but most of them seemed to be being sold for around the expected going rate and in a lot of cases I already own them.

On the 15th I went in to a local pawn store and got Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets complete for gamecube for £1.50 and The simpons road rage complete for gamecube for £6. I was certain I dont own road rage but was unsure with harry potter but figured for the price it wasnt too big of an issue.

On tuesday the 16th I visited an indy store and after a little haggling I paid £6 for 3 boxed complete PSP games Final Fantasy VII Crisis core, Meievil resurrection and Space Invaders Evolution. I was frankly surprised to get this price as plenty of places would want that or more for the final fantasy title alone.

On the 19th I walked in to a charity shop, it was absolutly filled with games but on closer inspection very few of them were worth purchasing as they were so damaged, however I manged to pick out some of the only ones in a good condition and in the end I paid £3 for 3 PS1 games boxed complete Smackdown 2, Castrol honda superbike racing, and Motocross mania

On the 21st I returned to CEX to find that they had a few new titles  I managed to grab MonsterTruck Madness 64 cart only for the  N64 for £4 and Herbrekes popoon cart only for the Snes for £8, which I wwas very happy with, I had heard a lot of good things about the game but every time I had seen a loose cart of it in the past it had been much closer to the £20 mark.

On the 22nd I Spent £14 on a bundle including

hack: Infection (Part 1), box game disc and anime disc but missing manual (for ps2)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story complete for the Nintendo DS
Dragon Quest IX complete for the DS
Legend of Zelda Spirit tracks complete for the DS
Wario Master of Disguise complete for the DS
Final Fantasy XII Revenant wings complete for the DS
Pokemon Ranger complete for the DS

I think it is rather safe to say this was my purchase of the month my last purchase of the month was made on the 25th however  when I spent £3 on a complete copy of 688 Attack Sub for the megadrive in a shop I had taken my daughter in to grab pokemon cards.

So this month I spent £85.50 if my calculations are correct, actually once again putting me in my usual ball park. I think this month in particular though I got quiet good value for my money, if I had to make a prediction I would proberbly guess next month will not be such a good one for retro stuff.

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  1. That DS bundle was an absolute steal!

    I haven't bought anything at all for a few months now. Crazy.