Friday, 18 November 2016

Good bye Wii U, alas you were not known well enough...

Recently Nintendo has kept denying that it would soon stop producing Wii-U's, but now finally they have confirmed it. With its low sales during its lifetime and the announcement of the next Nintendo console the Switch it is hardly surprising but I have to say that I think it was a good machine. Sure there are a lot of things that can be said against it,its announcement was pretty much a failure with many people not trulyunderstanding if it was a new console a redesign or some kind of add on, some of this can be blamed on the name itself the Wii U being far to close to the console before it, some argued it should have been the Wii 2 or the Super Wii or just had a whole new name and while I agree with this kind of thinking we will never truly know if things would have turned out that differently if it had been named differently. The game pad was an original idea, it was cool that in a lot of games you could be playing on your TV and then if someone wanted to use the telly you could switch on to the screen on the pad instead of having to stop playing. This could have been done a little better I remember when it was announced I really thought you'd be able to wander around your house with the gamepad taking it with you, but it doesn't work at any real distance, your pretty much stuck in the same room as the Wii U console, but it was still a good idea. The fact it was backwards compatible and could play Wii Games and use Wii Accessors was a good thing, it meant you could put your Wii away but still play your games.

There was quiet a bit of decent third party support at the start but it soon trailed off, but that doesn't make it a bad machine, the Cube didn't always have the best third party support but much like the Cube the Wii U had some truly excellent first party games, and much like with the Cube not enough people will have played these wonderful games.

So what game would I signal out and tell people that they simply need to try? Well that a hard one, I adored the third Pikmin game, then there is Bayonetta 2 with all its super colourful action glory, Yoshi's Wooly World, the awesomely creative Super Mario Maker, sure maybe Mario Maker is a little simple and should have in way been made years ago I wont argue there but it is an awesome tool set you can spend so much time playing around with, add to this Xenoblade Chronicles, Kirby and the rainbow curse, Donkey Kong tropical freeze. It is a great little machine and unlike the Xbox One and PS4 you play the games of the disc and dont have to install them on to a harddrive etc so its not a giant pain in the behind, you can buy game after game without having to worry about the size of the game.

 I actually think that in time the Wii U will be looked back upon fondly, I think it will be seen in a similar way to the Cube with it being a good machine that was simply overlooked, if this is true then some of these good games might go on to be a royal pain in the butt to find, so as the switch is due to be released soonish if you see Wii U's being sold off then maybe stop and give it a look and consider grabbing yourself a bargain.

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