Sunday, 30 April 2017

April's Retro game purchases 2017

I started the months retro purchasing of nice and early on April the 2nd I finished work and on the way to my bus walked past a Game shop, there on a little podium they had a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 but sat in front of it was a sign saying Pokemon Stadium £15, I looked again and yes it was the second one, so I ran inside and asked to buy it and thats how I got Pokemon stadium 2 for N64 cart only for £15, I dont know how theyd missed that it was the second one but its a great price for it and in honesty it was a cart I didnt particularly think I would ever get.

I got two other games that day but credit has to go to my daughter for them, she phoned me up and told me she had seen them in a charity shop and offerd to grab them for me , so thanks to her I got Dead N Furious for DS complete for £1 and Pokemon Battle Revolution for Wii complete for £3.

On the 6th of April I had a intresting day, firstly in a charity shop I grabbed Scrabble for the ZX Spectrum complete for 50pence and Bugaboo the flea for the zx spectrum complete for 50pence. I find it intresting when I come across really old stuff like this because it seems to fly under the radar of a lot of collectors, lots of people seem to believe that gaming didnt start until the NES came out which is crazy when you remember that the NES wasnt that big in the UK really, we were a very micro computer driven culture and this seems to be something a lot of people have glossed over.

After this I headed to an indy store where I grabbed a whole host of diffrent bits and pieces, I grabbed Dungeon Explorer for the psp complete for £2, Cyber Speedway for Saturn disc only £2, The Jungle Book for Master System complete for £2, Tom and Jerry The Movie for Master System complete for £2, World Grand Prix for Master System cart only 80pence andTroddlers for the SNES complete for £10. I think the strongest purchase of the day was proberbly Troddlers I mean its not often you get a complete SNES game for such a low price and it was an intresting one at that, not something mainstream which you would see on a regular basis, I would talk about it more but I recently reviewed it so I guess I have coverd it enough already.

On the 7th of April I went to a few charity shops and managed to grab, Tomb Raider (platinum version) complete for PS1 for £1, Final Fantasy X for ps2 complete for ps2 for £1, Burnout revenge for ps2 complete for ps2 for £1, Ben 10 Protector of earth complete for psp for £1 and Motor Storm arctic edge complete for psp for £1.

On the 9th of April on the way home from work I managed to grab 3 wii games for £28 Inzuma eleven strikers, kirby epic yarn and marbles balance challenge. This was partially down to Games buy 3 games get the cheapest game free stickers. What is intresting to note is that CEX charges around £35 for Inzuma Eleven strikers so yes although I already brought this recently it seemed to be one worth grabbing a second copy of to hold on to, and yes this is the second copy of Marbles Balance Challange I have grabbed but this version is a purly english copy, my original has a german manaual and a german case, sure if It had been paying loads Id have been happy to keep the german one but when its a semi rare game for what I paid its kinda cool to have another copy.

I also hit a charity shop where I grabbed Casper for ps1 complete for £1 and Baldurs gate Dark Alliance complete for ps2 for £1, they had lots of other games but these were the only ones in good condition, I really dont understand charity shops trying to sell some of the CD's DVD's and games they do sometimes when you can look at them and see in 3 seconds flat that there is no way they will play but I guess thats a subject for another post in the future.

On the 13th I got Gurumin for psp through the post it was £5 for it complete postage included (its an NTSC American version) I had heard a lot of good things about this game but usually when I have seen it its been £40 and in awful condition. I am not sure why but I have ended up with quiet a bit of a PSP collection with a lot of the machines best and brightest titles. I never really set out to collect Sony stuff at all my PS1 collection started purly by accident, I was looking for N64 stuff and practically triping over PS1 stuff and not being able to ignore it when the prices were good.

On the 14th I went in a few charity shops and managed to grab Guitar Hero 1 and 2 complete for PS2 for £2, outlaw golf 2 complete for xbox for £1 and project gotham racing (classics edition) complete for 49pence.

On the 16th of April I did something I have not done for a long time and thats go to a carboot. I havent been to a carboot for a long time for a lot of reasons one of them being my working hours make it very difficult but it was one of the main ways I used to get a lot of my retro stuff, but as more people learned the value of things the carboots kind of dried up. I made it three quarters of the way round the boot without picking anything up at all and then on one of the last stores I grabbed the following Halo complete for xbox for £1, Hitman blood money complete for xbox for £1, Star Wars episode 3 revenge of the sith complete for xbox for £1, Black complete for xbox for £1 Tenchu return from darkness complete for £1, Half life complete for ps2 for £1, GTA san andreas complere for ps2 for£1 and Cool Boarders complete for ps1 for£1. None of them are exactly standout titles but it wasnt a bad little haul really and it was nice to have a decent walk and go around a carboot again doing a little bargain hunting.

On the 25th I got Puggsy for the MegaDrive complete for £5, I have had a cart of this for ages but figured that for a full version in good condition £5 was a great price and so I jumped on it.

The very last thing I brought during April was got on the 27th and it was a cart only copy of the Japanese GameBoy Advance game Genius Boys Academy (Tennis) for £2. I have heard nothing but good about this game and figured that as it was never released here that I should grab it when I saw a copy for so little.

I figure this out to me having spent £91.99 which is actually one of my bigger monthly spends. I would normally be concerned about having spent this much but there are a lot of what I consider very important purchases for example Pokemon Stadium 2 for £15 was a complete and utter steal, and the same can be said about Gurumin for £5, spending £28 on Inzuma eleven strikers, kirby epic yarn and marbles balance challenge was also a heck of a deal, were those 3 worth buying though when I already owned them, well I guess time will tell.

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