Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Megadrive Box art, A piece of Japanese art I dont like so much: Art of Fighting

So I wanted to continue with my previous topic and talk about Various bits of MegaDrive box art, but I thought for a change I would look for Japanese case that I dont like as much as the American or European case, surly there must be at least some games where the Japanese art is the worst art? Well here is what I believe to be just such a case, and its for Art of Fighting.

Well what can I say, its one of the latter blue boarderd MegaDrive Covers, which some people seem to like more than the old black ones because of them being brighter but in other ways I think they loose some of the class of the old black ones.  Overall I quiet like this case the art is good and large and very well placed, I cant complain much at all. I dont think its the perfect case I dont like the fact that the picture in the background on the back is just an enlarged part of the front art but its a fine case overall.

Well here we have the American case, if you take a look the main image is the same piece of art as the European but flipped with the contrast turned up and pulled back slightly so you can see more of the fighters, I also think the way the Logo is handle makes it pop out more and I like that. Also with the image being very blue tonned I think the red boarder works a lot better.

Now to start with I like the back of the case, I also dont hate the front of the case but I do think its just too darn plane, the central piece of art is a very nice logo and would look great on the back of a T shirt But I dont think it is right for the front cover of a fighting game especially not when this leaves the majority of the front filled up with plane black space.

I did think about building my ideal cover and what it would entail but I kind of figured it would be beyond my skills. So what did I want to see in my idea of a perfect case? Well the American front picture and the words Art of Fighting from off that cover but with a classic black Megadrive border and on the back I would like the main Japanese piece of art of the main two characters, and I would also like to throw the logo in but in a much smaller capacity. Such a dark bland front for a Japanese game when so many of there cases have such awesome bright pieces of art on the front was just so dissapointing for me to see

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