Saturday, 30 September 2017

Retro Game purchases: September 2017

Well I started my month of retro purchasing off on the 2nd when I got a boxed 3rd party Logic 3 Sega Saturn pad for £3 from a charity shop. I don't see Saturn stuff very often and I don't think I own many pads for this system so it seemed worthwhile grabbing one.

 The next thing I got was on the 4th I got a game in the post called Super Volleyball for the megadrive, it was an American cart version which I got for only £3 including postage, I have seen it sell for a lot more I'd imagine because of the fact it never came out in Europe. I wanted this game because when I was younger a friend of my brothers owned it and used to bring it around with his megadrive.
On the 6th I got quite  a few bits I got The lucky dime caper cart only for game gear £1, Stunt Race FAX for snes cart only £3, Rugrats treasure hunt for N64 cart only for £3, Vanishing point complete for ps1 for £2 and Lilo and stitch trouble in paradise complete for Ps1 for £1. I guess nothing here is that wonderful but the prices are pretty good in my opinion.

On the 7th I managed to get Dynamite Heady for megadrive cart only £5 and Marble madness for NES cart only for £5 from a local indy store which I didn't think were bad prices as both are pretty darn good games in my opinion. I am actually pretty surprised its taken me this long to grab a copy of Heady.

On the 8th I was passing my semi local CEX store and picked up Mystic Quest Legend for Snes cart only for £10 and Young Merlin snes cart only for £5. I most got these for my SNES review series although I am sure I will enjoy them.

On the 13th I got a whole pile of things for £6 because of my semi local video game shop Playtime shutting down soon I got World Cup Italia 90 for megadrive boxed complete, Jordan Vs Bird for megadrive boxed missing manual, Inzuma eleven 2 Blizzard and Firestorm both sealed, dragon blade for wii complete, and Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai for psp umd only.

I also went in a charity shop and picked up a copy of Jade Empire complete for xbox for £1.50
I didnt buy anything else until the 21st when I went in a pawn store and grabbed Marko's magic football for megadrive boxed complete for £5.
On the 22nd I went in a charity shop and grabbed Smack Down vs Raw 2009 for psp complete for £1
and Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for psp complete for £1. I love the smackdown games on pretty much all platforms I guess its because I am a huge wrestling fan, yeah I am not as in to the new stuff as I was the 80's but hey with create a wrestler I can remake an 80's guy and have him kick modern butt.

On the 26th I went to this out of the way coffee shop with my girlfriend, the best part of the day was spending time with her but as a cherry on top of the cake I popped into the charity shop near there and got a couple of  games I got Onimishu 3 for the PS2 complete for £1, Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex (platinum edition) for the PS2 complete for £1 and Star Trek shattered universe for the original Xbox complete for £1.

On the 27th I popped into a couple of charity shops and in one of them grabbed the following.
WipEout Fusion for ps2 missing manual for 49pence, The Getaway for ps2 missing manual for 49pence, Prisoner of War for ps2 missing manual for 49pence, Max Payne (platinum edition) for ps2 complete for 49pence, and The Matrix Path of Neo for ps2 complete for 49pence. 

On the 29th I got two games in the post and the following prices include the postage. Pugsy for megadrive £3 complete and Dragon (the Bruce lee story) for megadrive boxed missing manual for £3.50

So this means that I spent £67.45 this month which is a very cheap month for me. I haven't gone out of my way to look for things this month at all really its been more stuff that has fallen into my path. The amount of stuff I have ignored is also pretty big, If I am sure I already own it then I have ignored it, sure I'm not an idiot of a Cart of Secret of Mana fell in front of me and was selling for only £5 I would jump on it faster than the flash but I have made a concerted effort to be a lot pickier, which is probably made easy by the fact there has been that much stuff I have seen which has been scratched beyond all belief or even in one case dripping a questionable brown fluid. So what is my favourite purchase of the month? Well probably Dragon for the Megadrive, you see I have very fond Memories of playing this as a kid and despite owning it complete for the Atari Jaguar its not like the Jag is a console I pull out on a regular basis, so I wanted it on the megadrive for 2 reasons one because I have one permanently set up and two it was the first ever version I played.

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