Sunday, 5 November 2017

Is it worth getting a Switch yet?

Well I got asked recently by someone if they should buy a switch for there kid and I quickly found myself saying no. Now I got a Switch on release, I also got a Wii on release and a GameCube a week after release but I just find it hard to support the Switch too strongly right now. 

I was sat one night in front of my laptop thinking how little I had used my switch and how few games I had, so I started looking online at games that were already out and stuff that was coming out soon, I basically wanted to see if there was anything that could get me using my machine a little bit more. I saw 3 games which were either just out or coming out soon the cheapest of which I could find for £23.99, now considering the fact some of the Switch games are more around the £50 mark this didn't seem too bad but then latter on I happened to look at what was on sale on the Microsoft Xbox under the deals of the week heading and that is when I saw something that shocked me a lot. I saw 3 of the games I had been looking at for the switch and here they were on sale on the Xbox One all available now 2 of them for only £6 and the third for only £10. So I could either buy all 3 of these for £22 or spend like £70 or more to get them for the switch.

One of the Games was a driving game called Monster Jam Crush It which is not out on the switch here until the 14th of November yet here I am playing it now for £6. It is not just stuff like this though Switch users are being sold stuff I have been playing for ages on other platforms for lots of money as if its new, I am talking about Doom and Skyrim for a start, yes they are good games but there old games now and I cant help but feel like you take away the old over priced stuff and you take away most of the Switches library. If you are thinking about getting a switch then you need to think about the exclusives such as Mario Odyssey, Zelda breathe of the wild, Mario and Rabbids kingdom battle.

I think if you should get a Switch or not depends heavily on how much you want to play Nintendo's first party games, if you really want these then buy a Switch but for general gaming you can proberbly get a lot of the other stuff cheaper elsewere.

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  1. I don't think I will be getting one any time soon. I do love 1st party Nintendo stuff but even my Wii-U library hasn't surpassed 10 games since I've owned it and there's not really a whole lot on my wishlist. The Switch has some nice games but also - as you say - old stuff that I'd rather play elsewhere (or already have) + ports of Wii-U stuff that I can't get excited for. I was in Game the other weekend and saw that they've released a 'DX' version of Pokken Tournament - another port that I didn't know about. I have Zelda on the Wii-U and the difference is meant to be very minimal. Stunning game - one of the best I've played - but I can play it without a Switch.

    Even Ultra SFII doesn't interest me as a fighting game fan because it's just HD Remix with a few new characters. Really poor showing there from Capcom.