Thursday, 30 November 2017

Retro Game purchases: November 2017

I started Novembers retro game purchasing by getting Warlock for the SNES cart only for £5 (American), this was ordered just before Halloween with free postage but this is the date it arrived and I never count a retro game until its in my hands.

On the 3rd I went in to a pawn store and picked up the following games Super Monkey Ball Deluxe complete for XBOX for 50pence, 50 Cent Bulletproof complete for XBOX for 50pence, Sonic Heroes (classics version) complete for XBOX for 50pence, Project Gotham Racing (Classics version) complete for XBOX for 50pence, and LMA Manager 2002 complete for PS1 for 50pence. They also threw in a just the disc version of Sega GT2002/ Jet Set Radio Future (both games on one disc) for free. Ironically it was probably the freebie I was most happy about but overall I would call it a good day.

On the 9th I went into a charity shop and got Outlaw Tennis for xbox complete for £1 and Championship Manager season 01/02 for xbox complete for £1. I had played a lot of Championship manager back in the day so it was cool to grab hold of it again.

On the 10th I went to a shop which sold retro collectibles, most of it was old fashioned plates and various shop signage such as metal Coke and Pepsi signs but I did managed to grab Blast corps for N64 cart only for £3 and Wetrix for N64 cart only for £4. It was nice to go to a different place and I have my girlfriend to thank for finding it. I might not have got much and there might not actually have been a lot of console or computer stuff there but it was just a really neat place to visit. It also helped that it had a great coffee shop on the same plot of land.

On the 11th I grabbed Dance stage party edition complete for PS1 for £1 and Destroy all humans complete for Xbox for £1

On the 16th I received rugrats the movie for gameboy colour cartridge only £1.50, this was from ebay and the price includes postage so I cant grumble about it at all.

On the 17th I went to a charity shop where I picked up Killzone complete for PS2 for 30pence

On the 20th I got Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge for megadrive complete for £3 this was from an online seller and includes postage.

Then on the 25th I went into Granger Games and I got Free running complete for psp for £1. I noticed it was by Rebellion games and as I have really enjoyed some of there work I thought I would grab it. I also went into Game where I got Final fantasy tactics A2 grimoire of the rift complete for DS for £15. This Final Fantasy was my most expensive purchase this month but I don't regret it even the slightest bit as the PSP Final Fantasy Tactics game gave me 180 hours worth of playtime. I think this is quiet possibly my favourite purchase of the month.

On the 26th I nipped into an indy store where I got Street Showdown for PSP complete for 75p, WarioLand 4 GBA cart only for £5, and Sonic 2 for megadrive cart only for £1

I ended the months purchases on the 27th by buying Toy Story Racer gameboy colour cart only £1 from a charity shop.

If I have added up all of my purchases correctly then I spent £47.55 on retro games this month which is an all time low for me, but its been a busy month. I got engaged so obviously I had spent a lot of time and money on looking for the right ring for my wonderful lady, and I had also been spending time and money on getting ready for Christmas.

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