Saturday, 30 December 2017

Retro Game purchases: December 2017

So in November I only spent £47.55 on retro games and in all honesty coming in to this month I figured that my final figure would be pretty similar if not lower. Its just that its a busy time of the year and its one when your usually focused on either other people or buying the stuff you need to make a decent Christmas dinner. So I wasnt at all suprised that I made a\very slow to start my retro purchasing this month it wasnt until the 9th after work when I walked into an indy game store and made my first retro purchase of the month which was two N64 carts for £10 they were Mario Golf and Buck Bumble

On the 10th I got Mickeys racing adventure for Gameboy Color cart only through the post for £3, the postage was free so I thought this was pretty decent. Its made by Rare who I obviously have a lot of respect for so figured why not grab ahold of it.

On the 11th I went into an indy game store and I grabbed Dick Tracy for the Megadrive cart only for £2.50. This is a game that I both love and have a history with. I used to own a Japanese copy of it in fact it was the game which encouraged me to cut the cartrdige slot wider in my original childhood Megadrive. I use to use a little convertor to play foriegn games but I went to the toilet once when I had a friend over and he rammed my Japanese copy of Dick Tracy into my English Megadrive in an attempt to play it and got it stuck, and basically I struggled to get the cart out again and thought sod this lets eliminate the problem and cut the slot bigger so I never have to worry about this again. Unfortunatly on the 14th I went in the same Indy store and found Dick Tracy for Megadrive boxed but missing manual £5 I wish I had seen this before the loose cart but I thought what the heck and brought it anyway.

On the 17th I spent £10 on a bunch of stuff from a charity shop, I got Boxing Fever for GBA cart only, Planet of the apes for GBA complete, Crash Bandicot XS for GBA complete, Rocket power dream scheme complete for gba, and Harry Potter and the goblet of fire complete for gba.

On the 21st on the way home from work I went into an Indy game store and got Vegas Stakes, cart and manual for SNES £3. Maybe not the most exciting title but anytime you see a SNES game for less than £5 its not bad.

On December the 28th I visted a CEX after work and I spent £12 on Xcom Terror from the deep complete for PS1. The disc was in good condition and it had the manual and the sleeves but the case was a bit cracked and grimy. I did clean the case up but then I decided to swap the case for a perfect case I had on a sports game. This is one of the reasons I am quite happy to buy crappy PS1 games on the cheap if the cases are in great condition, heck sometimes I buy horrible compilation albums because they come in the same type of case as some PS1 games.

So in total I spent £45.50  if my adding up is correct, a whole £2.05 less than last month and this did not come as a suprise at all. Its not like there is a lot of things to choice from but as it stands my favourate purchase would proberbly be Xcom Terror from the deep with the boxed copy of Dick Tracy coming a close second. It wasnt exactly the most exciting retro game purchasing month but there is one thing which I didnt buy something which I got for Christmas which really is exciting and that is the Super Nintendo Everdrive my wonderful Fiancee got for me.

Now this does not meen that I wont buy any more SNES games but it does meen that I can have a lot of fun messing around with hacks and translations and prototypes on an actual SNES, why am I so sure this wont stop me buying SNES games? Well the easy answer is because getting a MegaDrive Everdrive has not even slowed down my desire to track down Megadrive games. Ok so thats the end for now, I guess we will all just have to wait and see what future retro purchases I make.

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