Friday, 7 August 2015

My Oppinion of the Ant-Man film

So before Ant-Man came out lots of people seemed to moan and complain that they wouldn't go and see it because well Ant-Man is silly and we all know its going to be rubbish for this reason and that reason. How Ant-Man is silly but everyone thinks Spider-Man is cool. Still some people seem to want to hate this film but well this is my blog so I will be telling you my opinion.

I didn't care what was being said by anyone I have a lot of memories of reading Avengers comics in my life,so I knew that when handled right Ant-Man can be a great character and the truth is in some ways I think the film is absolutely brilliant. Everyone wants to see what it will be like when a hero makes the jump from the comic book pages to the silver screen and in this film we get to see both the original Ant-Man Hank Pym as well as the second Ant-Man Scott Lang, they are both very different characters but are equally cool. If you are a fan of the original Ant-Man then despite Pym's mentor role in this film I don't think you will be disappointed Michael Douglas does an absolutely brilliant job in my opinion of portraying him. Pym although a super hero and a genius was also a very troubled man in the comics, he displayed at times emotional and mental health issues, he had anger problems and even struck his own wife. Michael Douglas seems to have all of this down. Equally if Scott Lang is your Ant-Man well in my opinion they picked the right actor for the role. Paul Rudd displays the right kind of personality, you can really get a sense that he knows what the character is like and he also knows what a great opportunity it is to join the Marvel film universe and even despite Michael Douglas's stellar performance he manages to not be pushed in to the shadows.

Is the film silly? Yes at points it gets a little silly, but its also filled with fun action set pieces and I think it finishes well with a good possibility for sequels but without making it feel incomplete as a film on its own. It left me interested in seeing where the character of Ant-Man could be taken and what it would be like to see him interact with more of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Some people have been arguing that Ant-Man has been a failure particularly when viewed alongside Marvels other recent intellectual property. I would argue that Ant-Man should be considered a success for the studio even if it is only a mild one. At $130 million the film was rather a low budget outing when compared to other Marvel films. In the last set of takings figures I saw it had just managed to earn back its budget. Yes you could say that this is a failure because films are meant to make a success with many films being viewed as failures for not making huge profits but lets think about this in more depth. This film introduced a less well known character to a new audience, it will have more than likely helped push the new Ant-Man comics, then there are toy sales,DVD and Blue Ray sales. Also no one actor wants to play the same part forever and with Robert Downy Junior just about finished with Marvel it was important for them to start building up new talent to replace him. Yes Ant-Man has not attracted a huge amount of fans but with the films release on DVD and his inclusion in future Avengers based property the ball has began to roll.

It is also important to remember that as far as superhero movies in general go well it hasn't done that bad, it has after all enjoyed a bigger opening than many of Fox's Marvel based movies, for example, X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine. It will be intresting to see how it does in comparison to Fox's Fantastic Four film, after all the four are a much more well known bunch of heroes having had there own saterday morning Kids cartoons and this being there 4th film outing (even if one of those wasnt officially released).

So for the answer to the question how big will the Ant-Man be, I guess we just have to wait and see.

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