Monday, 31 August 2015

This Months Video Game purchases: August 2015

Ok so it is that time of the month again, the time when one month is almost over and a new one is about to begin so it is time once again to look at the retro purchases I have made. I may also at the end this by talking about some of the more modern games I have picked up along the way just to let you all know that I am not stuck completely in the past.

So I started off on the first of the month by buying a Playstation 2 for £10 with its pad and all its wires. I think price wise this is a pretty good purchase but I guess the main reason I did it is because the one in my collection is missing the guard from its CD tray.

It was only a few days after this on the fourth of the month that my daughter called me to let me know that they were selling off some games in a semi local charity store. Cant split the cost of these on an item by item basis as they told me if I just grabbed everything I wanted and made them an offer they wouldn't bother pricing them up individually. I spent £20 on the games below.

Dynasty Warriors 2, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Jak 3 (Platinum), Tak The great Juju Challange. Winx Club, Malice, Sonic Gems collection, Yu-Gi-Oh - The Duellists Of The Roses, Tokobot Plus, Stitch Experiment 626, Peter Pan - The Legend Of Neverland, Animaniacs - The Great Edgar Hunt, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Mystic Heroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja: Mutant Melee For the PS2 all complete, Astonishia Story and Daxter for the PSP complete and New super Mario Bros and Fossil League for DS complete.

I was quiet surprised to find that of these games Winx Club was the one with the highest supposed worth selling for around £15 online complete on its own. I looked up the approximate amount the above would tend to sell for and it was around £80 which made me quiet happy overall.

A day latter I got Sclaer, Bionicle heroes, Disnyes Piglets big game, Garfield 2, Casper and the ghostly trio, robots and Stuart little 3 big photo adventure (A Reviewers copy) all for PS2 complete and Nintendogs Labrador and friends complete for DS for £10.

Over the next week or so from there I ordered a cartridge only copy of Ringside Angels for £6 including postage, Race Driving cart only for the snes for £3.50 including postage and TOYS, Complete for the snes, it was advertised as being an NTSC American copy but turned up and was Pal, it was £4 including postage.

Towards the end of the month I have found myself picking up CID The Dummy, M.A.C.H: Modified Air Combat Heroes, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for £8 only downside is Kingdom hearts doesn't have the manual. I also grabbed a copy of Super RC PRO-AM cart for gameboy for £1 a complete copy of everybody's golf for psp for 25p. I got the following for £1 each on Playstation 1 Syphon filter 2, Quake 2 and Ape Escape (platinum) and Resident Evil code veronica X, Grand Theft auto 3 and Grand theft auto vice city all for Playstation 2 all complete at £2.50 for the lot.

I would say in general that this was a much better month for grabbing Retro games than last month, I probably wouldn't have brought the few bits and pieces I did from ebay and would have just relied on what I found but I ended up buying the Japanese wrestling game because I owned it as a kid and someone reminded me of it, I saw a copy cart only for the cheapest price I had seen it in a long time and decided it might be a now or never moment. If not for this conversation I would probably have given it a miss. The Snes games I also mostly brought so that I could review them, neither of them were things I had fond memories of or a real desire to try but I thought they would help me make decent reviews.

As you might have been able to guess from some of my reviews and opinion pieces at the beginning of the month I brought Rare Replay, largely just because it was a way to play a whole bunch of my favourite old games in one place. I cant remember exactly what I paid for it but it was like £17 or £18 pounds which I considered great value for money. I have also brought one other game new and that was Scream Ride from Argos mostly because it was only £13.50 and was something a little bit different to a lot of the games I already own for the machine. I grabbed a second hand copy of Diablo 3 for the Xbox One from a pawn store for £15 and then ordered Dying light from game during a promotion where I paid £21 for dying light and got a pre-owned copy of Assassins creed unity for £1.

I imagine that next month will be a lot less exciting when it comes to game purchases, for one it is my fiancĂ©es birthday month so need to hold something back to treat her right, I also think I might have ran out my retro luck for awhile but I guess we will just have tot wait and see. 

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