Friday, 30 October 2015

This Months retro Video Game purchases:October 2015

OK so it is that time of the month again, the time when one month is almost over and a new one is about to begin, so its is once again time look at the retro purchases I have made. Last month I had a few things that were more important than games like my fiancées birthday, this month I haven't really had any financial obligations and yet I don't really think I got very much game wise. I guess this is because a lot of the time I have been sitting on my hands trying to save cash to take care of Christmas and I even brought some of the presents I need to buy largely because I hate rushing around at the last minute. I do realise that this is very list like and some might find it a bit dry and boring compared to my reviews but I know that some people do enjoy this kind of thing and it also serves me as a reminder of when I am maybe spending a little too much on my hobby.

I didn't actually make my first purchase until Monday the 5th of October and then they were not the most retro of games being as they were Wii titles. I got Donkey Kong Jet race and Donkey Kong jungle beat for £5 both of them boxed and complete from a pawn store. Jet Race was one of those games that I always wanted to get but also figured I would find average at best, I more wanted to get it for the collection than to play so wanted to wait for a low price. I also I ordered a Japanese boxed copy of Fire Pro Wrestling for the SNES for £5 including postage which turned up a few days latter.

The following day I did my rounds of the local charity shops and managed to find a few original Xbox games boxed and complete with good condition discs for £1 each. I got Enter the Matrix, WWE Raw, Max Payne. Desert Storm, Ghost Recon, and RobotWars Extreme Destruction. So nothing that impressive although having owned WWE Raw before I have to admit to having a soft spot for it. I also ordered an American SNES cart of Family feud for £3 including postage, which if you read this blog you will see I have already reviewed as part of my SNES review series, this is pretty much the only reason I got it, but my other half did spend a good few hours playing it and enjoyed it far more than me.

On the 8th I got a few PSP games today all fully boxed with manuals for £1.29 each, these were Avatar the Game, ScarFace and Marvel Ultimate alliance. The following day I got a Japanese SNES cart All Star Dream Slam (Women's wrestling) which cost me £3 and in all honesty beyond seeing it turn on I haven't even played it yet and I fully intended to play it as soon as it arrived.

On the 10th I got Bass Masters Classic for the SNES NTSC American boxed (but with no manual) for £5 postage included and Corporation for the Megadrive for £2 (again including post) cart only arrive in the post and then two days latter I got Zero Tolerance for megadrive boxed complete for £3 and Talmit's Adventure for megadrive just the cart for £2 (again this was through the post and postage was included).

On october the 13th I walked in to Grainger games after work and grabbed a few PSP games, Undead Knights complete for £5, dungeon siege throne of agony complete for £3, Monster Hunter freedom 2 for £2 and Key of Heaven for psp £1

On the 15th I had one of those strange situations where I was almost sure I owned a game from my childhood and then upon realising I didn't decided that I really really needed it, hence I ended up buying Wrestle War for the Megadrive complete for £4, at the same time I picked up the Gameboy game and watch gallery cart for £1

The following day I got a copy of Thunder Force 2 for the Megadrive which had the cart and the box but was missing the manual for £8, this and the above Wrestle War were two of the things I was happiest to get this month. At the same time I also got Dogs life for the playstation 2 complete for 50pence, Dexters labratory Mandarks Lab? for the PS1 Complete for £1, Tomb raider legend disc and case for psp for 30pence, Tomb raider anniversary for psp complete 30pence, Medal of honour heroes 2 disc and case for psp for 30pence and Harry Potter and the goblet of fire complete for the psp for £1.

On the 23rd I got Top gear Rally for the N64 , cart, manual and a very flat box for £3, Dick Tracy for the Megadrive Case and Cart (No manual) for £4, Ghost recon 2 for the psp complete for £1 and Worms open warfare 2 for the psp complete for £1. The following day I got Pit Fighter for gamebiy just the cart for 99pence (Yes I do know its going to be awful, sometimes I just like to see how bad for myself) and Sonic Unleashed complete for the wii for £2.99 again its one of those games I wanted to get but not pay much for due to its somewhat ropey reviews.

On the 27th I Spent £14 on the following complete PSP Games, 300 March to glory (Two copies),world tour soccer 2, X-men legends 2 rise of apocalypse, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (Platinum re-release),medal of honour heroes, sega megadrive collection, Aliens vs predator requiem, Star Wars Battlefront 2. I got them as a single purchase from a seller who just wanted a set price to get rid of everything but I figured it was a fair price so didnt quibble or start asking if I could just have this or that.

My last purchase was on the 28th and was in fact from Game. I tend to go in mostly to see if they have any PSP or Wii things that are cheap and in this case due to there 3 for 2 offer I got 3 complete Wii games for £9. I got Medal of Honour heroes 2, Battalion wars 2 and Obscure 2. In honesty I really wanted Obscure 2 because I have the first one on the xbox and despite it not being perfect I enjoy it and wanted to get the second on something, it was £5 and the other two games were £4 each so I just grabbed something as it felt silly just to get the one thing and miss out, yep I guess its the old 3 for 2 deal and I was roped in but I don't feel bad about it.

I know there is still 1 day left in the month but its Halloween and I intend to watch lots of horror not buy games. On the other front I have really held off buying any actual new games and have instead made myself play retro games and Xbox One games I haven't finished yet. It was a very PSP heavy month and I think that will proberbly be something that starts winding down, I am seeing less and less of it and I have no real intention of popping large amounts of cash on buying obscure psp games I don't already own, although there are a few RPG's I wouldnt mind getting if I see them for the right price.

Still if my adding is right that means I spent £103.25 on retro games this month, which is around £26 a week, it might sound bad but I don't drink, smoke or take drugs so I guess my money could be being spent on far worse vices.


  1. Have you tried Dog's Life yet? I think I read it was by David Braben of Elite fame. Looks quite unique actually but I passed it up a few times in the past and now haven't seen it about for ages lol.

  2. I have had a quick go and its basic but quirky, its certainly not like anything else but I fear it probably got passed by because people assumed it was a cute piece of shovel ware when really its more of a unique and strange game... Its a lot of neat and strange ideas not quiet tied together well enough to be a classic (smellovision etc)