Monday, 2 November 2015

WWE NEWS: Jimmy Superfly Snuka's first day in court

Around about the beginning of September I wrote a post talking about a few controversial things which had happened around the world of the WWE, one of them was that the SuperFly Jimmy Snuka had been arrested On September the 1st 2015 In connection to the death of Nancy Argentino his girlfriend 32 years before on the night of 10 May 1983. Well this post is a bit of an update on that situation.On the 2nd of November Jimmy Snuka was officially arraigned on charges of involuntary manslaughter and third degree murder in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh County Court.

Now I had been reading here and there for awhile that more or less since his arrest Snuka age 72 had been claiming to have various issues relating to his memory, and I had theorised that perhaps this was a way to try and claim he was unfit to face charges. Yes I am thinking this purely on the basis of when he has started saying it and I had no proof when I would raise the possibility of this to friend but this seemed to be one of the very first things raised in the case. Snuka claimed to be suffering from some form of early-onset dementia as well as complications from post-concussion syndrome.

If this is true then it would mean that he began to develop these symptoms over seven years ago, as early-onset basically refers to before 65 years old in this kind of case. The Judge (Kelly Banach) asked some standard questions which are usually used in order to determine if someone is mentally competent to stand trial and apparently Snuka didn't even know what day of the week it was or what city he was in. According to Snuka’s lawyer (Robert Kirwan) Snuka has good days and bad days and this response had come on a good day. Now this is a hard situation to argue about because there is onyl one person who really knows what its like inside Snuka's mind and that's Snuka, his brain might really be damaged and swiss cheesed or he could just be faking it, I am pretty sure his family would think I am a heartless arsehole for even suggesting that he is lying but equally if he did kill there daughter/ sister etcetera then Nancy Argentino's family wont want to see him escape justice due to his age/issues. Its also important to remember that Snuka has wrestled as recently as the 11th of May 2014, when he teamed up with The Patriot to defeat the team of Brodie Williams and Mr. TA at a Big Time Wrestling event, so now he cant remember the day of the week but just over a year ago he was competing as a sports entertainer.

There are also other important things to mention one is that the judge has issued a gag order on the participants as well as the Argentino family as he does not want the trial to essentially end up being judged via the press, which is understandable. Also the judge has added that If the case does go to trial with Snuka deemed as being mentally competent, Snuka's lawer is pushing for an out-of-county jury, so that they are dealing with the facts instead of hear say and such.

Its hard to know what to think at the moment. I hate to be a prick but being able to perform as a wrestler/sports entertainer one minute and then next claiming that your not mentally competent when you find yourself up for a murder trial seems a little too coincidental.I guess we will all just have to see how this plays out.

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