Thursday, 8 September 2016

Another one of those sorry I havent posted posts.

OK so this is one of those lame posts explaining why there have been no posts. The short reason is that I have been very busy. If that was all it was though then there wouldnt be much point in posting about it as I would just be posting well I havent posted I am busy keep coming back and checking to see if I ever bother again. I have mentioned before that I am a writer, I have even shown samples of my work but in complete and utter honest writing wise I was a bit of a burnt out mess. I had for about 3 years been steadily churning stuff out and then it all just kind of flat-lined my output got less and less. Sure even at the start there had been the odd idea which would be started and then abandoned but it got to the point where every idea was being abandoned and the ideas I was having were not that good in the first place. I would usually hit the 2000 word mark and then the legs would simply fall off.

In the last 2 weeks I have finished a 10000 word short story and I have written 20000 words of another piece, a piece which I am not actually sure how long it will be in the end, this is more writing than I have done in a long time and it has left me with very little time to write blog posts, it doesnt meen I have forgotten about my blog but it does meen that while the stories are flowing I am going to keep my foot on the gas and let them come out. I havent really watched or played anything enough to talk about it, well if you discount my recent addiction to the TV show House MD but I would think by now a million people have watched it and talked about it. It is not my first time watching it either its just the first time I have sat down watching episode after episode.

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