Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My opinion on Call Of Duty Titles in general

 So I was working on another SNES review and I took a break to read a friends blog, its another blog about games one I would highly recomend its DS90Gamer's blog the link can be found in my list of blogs and sites I recomend. Still I digress, I noticed that in his introductionary panel he states that if you are looking for views on Call Of Duty ecetera then his blog is proberbly not for you, well I thought some people might be intrested in my views on that series so here goes. (Yes I realise I talked about the No Russian level once a long long time ago).

I will start by saying that I have played every single Call of Duty going so this can be considerd a somewhat measured oppinion, there are a few things I should make clear though, one is that I dont tend to play them much in multiplayer the main reason for this is the fact that they just seem to attract such hollering dick bags. I have no desire to hear a shrill 12 year old from America scream about how he shagged someones mum last night while spouting more profanity than the saltiest of sailors and no I am not a prude I swear at times, I tell rude jokes and I enjoy various comedy shows like SouthPark and Family Guy so I am not some old fuddy duddy who wants everyone to speak queens English I just dont want to spend my leasisure time doing what feels like babysitting a load of young teens who are most likly so into this game and trying to act big because there mums and dads dont give a shit about them and have simply locked them in there rooms with the latest game so they can go about there own business.... To this end most of my time spent on these games has been in solo or split screen modes, I think the games have by and large told decent stories with good set pieces but I also do not think that they have changed that much over the years, there have been odd inhancments of course and then there has been basic changes in setting with them basically moving on to a latter point in time whenever they think there fan base has become fatigued, but the thing is they have now worn out all of history and have started having to go to the future, this is what happens with successful horror franchises once you have hit the nail on the head a few too many times you have to start going to the future or going to space or going to hell so whats next Call Of Duty Hell where you shoot the devil in the face while having pro American sentiments pushed at you? It is either that or they start remakeing the old ones which we have kind of seen this year with Call Of Duty Infinite there future based game having a special edition that comes packaged with a remake of Modern Warfare one of there older but also most popular games in the franchise.

I would say that I dont know how many years Call of Duty can have left in it but then I know it has a very solid fan base who seem to buy it every year on release at full price, well as you can proberbly tell from what I have written so far I dont cue at midnight or buy it on release, I typically wait for it to be under £20, I didnt get black Ops 3 until it hit £13 second hand and I have to admit I havent even tried it yet as I purchased something else the same day that I wanted to play more. I did however grab Infinite Warfare a week ago for £22.49 yes its a bit more than I usually pay but it was a version with  download codes and various bits and pieces, the normal version was £20 but I guess the bigger shinier packaging swayed me, so have I played it Yes I have. I installed it and I played the first mission and then decided that I was a little bit bored, most of the Call Of Duty games I have finished but I have tended to play them one level at a time, I play a level I turn it off, then the next day I play another levelel ecetera, so I feel that in this way I cant really say there great games there semi enjoyable time killers, I really dont understand the massive hype that seems to surround the release of each game.

This is when I have to do a little bit of a 360 in some ways, I am proberbly never going to bother with Infinite Warfare's multiplayer, I also think it will be a long time until I finish the story mode but I have to say I am happy having paid my £22.49 just for the Zombie mode alone. So what makes the Zombie Mode so cool and so much better than the rest of the game well for one it doesnt take itself very serious at all, the introduction to it is done in a brilliant way which reminds me of old classic horror movies with a host who very much reminds me of the work of Vincent Price. The game mode itself is set in the 80's and is full of 80's refrences lots of 80's music is in the background while you play, its basically a hoard/survival mode the more you play the longer you seem to be able to last  you get used to the layout, you get a feel for the way the zombies behave but you also get points that make you level up and also points that level your guns up, so after a few goes you can add something to a gun that makes it a little more powerful or that makes it work better for you. The thing is with this game is that yeah a go on it might only last 5 or 10 minutes maybe 15 if you are getting really good at it but it has that just one more go factor so you end up playing more and more of it, you can blow a few hours away without even realising that you have its simply that fun.

So I guess that is everything I wanted to say out of the way, I can certainly understand why some people dont like Call Of Duty and although I cant understand why other people love it I think that one of the best things about people is that we are all diffrent that we all have diffrent ideas and enjoy diffrent things so If you love it and it makes you happy then good for you, dont ever let anyone rob you of the things you enjoy or make you feel bad for liking something but do me a favour if your going to play online dont be a hooting dick hole.

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