Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January 2017 Retro Purchases

So it was the start of a whole new year, I cant say I have sat and considerd what retro things to get this year because in total honesty I havent. Sure I read articles and blogs and learn about games I am not that knowledgable about or check rough values of things but I have a very laid back attitude to retro game shopping, I almost figure if I am supposed to have it then it will basically bump into me.

My first retro game purchase of the month was on January the 3rd when I went in to a local pawn shop and got Lego Starwars the original Trilogy for the Gamecue complete for £5. I have said before that I tend to like getting GameCube games because you dont see them so much and that has remained true, I guess with the Cube's relativly low sales compared to the PS2 its not surprising but I really preferd the cub as a system personally So I always relish getting more games for it.

The next time I got anything was on the 9th, I got two DS games complete and sealed for £10 each
they were Lumious Arc 2 and Hoshigami. In the past I have played and finished Luminous arc and I have seen the second one a few times for about £15 second hand so figured seeing it for £10 new I should get it while I can Hoshigami was there with it and was a bit of an impulse buy, I have to admit having now read more about it I kind of regret this decision just a little bit.

Just before christmas I had seen Tecmo World Wrestling NES (cart only) for sale in an indy store for £10 and had conemplated it but left the store and decided to look around, I found it cheaper online, I found it for £5 including free postage to be precise and so I orderd it there and then, will it arrived on the 9th, I might have paid for it in December but I count it as a January purhcase because I dont like to say I have a game and I spent £x on it until I have really felt it in my hand and have it sat infront of me.
The last thing I did retro game wise on that day was to nip out to a local charity shop where I picked upVexx for ps2 for £1 complete.
 On the 10th I got a small pile of boxed complete ps2 games for £6 for the bunch from a local seller these game were, Summoner 2, Batman Begins, Misssion imposssible operation surma, 24:the game, shadow or rome and Forgotten Realms Demon Door. None of them are exactly worth there weight in gold but sometimes its just nice to get something new to look at to keep the old collecting wheels turning, besides its nice to buy of people sometimes just to let them know your in to thing like this and make connections, maybe in the future they will be selling something else and youll have the spring board of ''Oh I had those games off you before...''.

 On the 16th I got Exhaust Heat for the SNES boxed complete for £3. I already own a cartridge of this game but how often do you really get the opportunity to get a boxed SNES game for this kind of price?
On the 19th I went to meet my girlfriend for coffee, it was in a semi local town so I spent a bit of time looking in varius charity shops and pawn stores, this only led to one purchase but it was one I am very happy about.I got Fire Pro Wrestling for the GBA complete for £3.50 from a pawn store. I am really happy about this as the Fire Pro series is a series I think is awesome and this is one of the few titles in the series which actually got an English release.
On the 23rd I grabbed 2 PSP titles from a pawn store I got Midnight Club 3 complete for £1 and Flatout head on, the disc and case but with its manual missing for £1. I know there not exactly games that are going to set the world on fire but I certainly think that one day people are going to look back on the PSP and wish they had grabbed more or less anything they had the chance to get.
On the 24th I was going to go home after a day of work, but I decided to have a lap of all the local charity shops, now there is this one shop that I am not very keen on, basically they sell all games no matter if in perfect condition or torn to shreds for £5 regardless of what they are. So with the basic idea of supply and demand I think you can guess that what they have most of the time is 12 dog eared copies of fifa because the blooming things never sell for such a crazy price, yes you could buy one just to donate to charity but if I wanted to just donate I would just donate. So I was very pleasently suprised to find amongst all the rubbish that they had a darn near perfect copy of We Love Katamari complete for ps2 obviously for £5 and so I snapped this out of there hands pronto. I have wanted this game for a long time and I am very happy to have it but it did raise the issue that now I own every UK released version of Katamari apart from the PS3 version which made me kind of want to get that too.
On the 26h I went to a pawn store and had a look at the games they had on offer, Now I did have my sights on a few things that under closer inspection proved to be counterfit carts but in the end I found an actual legitimate cart I wanted and that was SWIV cart only for the gameboy colour for £2

I didnt really get much this month and I suppose it was just because I didnt really see that much I wanted, so what was my favourate purchase well that would either be We Love Katamari or Fire Pro Wrestling. So what will I end up getting next month? No idea but then I guess thats a large part of the fun, just going out there having a dig around and seeing what I come across.

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