Monday, 2 January 2017

My plans for this Blog this year

So Happy New Year to everyone. I guess this is my first post of the year so I should quickly outline my plans for the year. Well the first thing to say is that I dont plan any major changes, I will continue to talk about Games, Horror, Wrestling and occasionally polotics or just things that have either grabbed my intrest or just pissed me off.

So for those who pay attention you have proberbly noticed that I still have not finished reviewing 150 SNES games, I have to admit that I did not quiet realise what a giant task this would be, the issues with it are mostly in playing enough of each individual title to feel that I am not jumping to any hasty conclusions. When a game is amazing this is not such a big issue but if the game sucks then yes its a little harder. I also set myself a few limitations like making sure that I played the game off an original cartridge on an actual SNES. Add to this that sometimes I will play a game and just not have enough to say about it to feel that its worth reviewing after all do you really want to hear about yet another football or baseball game that is not that diffrent from the one before it? Still I am going to try my hardest to crack on with this task of reviewing 150 SNES games this year and I hope to review at least 25 new titles that I havent previously talked about and if I do not own enough that I can manage to reasonably review then I will just need to grab some diffrent ones, obviously dont go asking me to review EarthBound or something as I am not going to spend that kind of money on one single old SNES cartridge.

I also wanted to point out that in a move to make sure this blog gets at least semi freqent updates I have aquired the services of a guest poster who will be talking about various subjects. Part of this is just to bring a diffrent point of view to certain subjects and also because they know more about certain things than I do, im not going to outline what they will be posting about or how often, partly because I want it to be a pleasent suprise.

So what do I have in line for you as well as SNES reviews? Well I plan on continuing to document my monthly retro purchases, I also want to review at least one horror film a month, I hope to return to talking about the WWE hall of fame. I dont want to make to many promises but I certainly intend to try and post more this year than I did last year.

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