Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February's Retro Game Purchases 2017

So last month I said that I hadnt sat and considerd what retro things to get this yearbut that I had read a few articles and blogs and learned a bit more about certain games that I was not previously that knowledgable about and that I had checked rough values of certain things but that I have a very laid back attitude to retro game shopping, that I tend to sit back and see what comes to me if you read on though you will see that a little bit of research helps now and then.

So my first purchases of the month didnt happen until Monday the 6th of Febuary. I had finished work and decided to visit a local pawn store were I picked up UniRally cart only for the SNES for £4, not too sure why I got this as I already have a copy but just felt the need to grab it, I then got a few N64 loose carts for 80pence each, I got F1 World Grand Prix 2, International super star soccer, and Top Gear Rally , I also got Nagano winter Olympics for the N64 complete for £3.50 and Monster Hunter freedom 2 for the psp complete for £2. I cant say that anything here would even come close to purchase of the month material but I didnt think it was too bad a little load.

On Tuesday the 7th a game I had brought online arrived, it was RebelStar Tactical Command for the Gameboy advance, it was complete and still sealed in fact and it only cost me £8 including postage. I have always been a huge fan of the Xcom Games and I had heard that this was something on those lines so figured I might like it. I also went out and visited a pawn store (a diffrent one from the day before) and grabbed myself Shadow of the beast complete for Master system for £4 and 3 official playstation 2 memory cards (1 black, 1 red, 1 blue) for £2.40

On Thursday the 9th I went in  to a branch of Granger Games and found Inazuma Eleven Strikers complete for Wii for £8. I was pleasently suprised about this because it was only the second time I had ever physically seen the game, the last time I saw it it was around £35 and very dog eared looking in a CEX store, and when I had seen this game online it had also been that much or in many cases even more. This is one of the Wii games I had sort of written off and decided that I would most likly never get because I wasnt willing to pay a lot for it so it made for a nice pleasent surprise.

There was a good long period of not buying anything at this point a lot of which is because I try not to buy things just for the point of buying stuff, if I see stuff and it is too expensive or in too poor a condition so I didnt make my next bunch of purchases until Monday the 20th on this day I went to an indie game store I went to a pawn store where I got a pile of complete PS1 games for £5.50 in total, they were Xena Warrior Princess, Nba Live 2000, The X Files. Toca 2, Rugrats Search for Reptar, Need for speed 3, Streak HoverBoard Racing, Harry potter and the philosophers stone, Need for speed road challange, MTV Sports snowboarding and Cool Boarders 2 (Platinum Version).

Then I went to an independent games shop that I hadnt been in for over a year, I got a few things there, I got Art Alive cart only for megadrive for 50pence, Premier Manager 64 cart only for N64 for £1, Michael Owens WLS2000 cart only for N64for £1, Rebelstar tactical command cart only for £1 (great as it means I can keep my sealed one sealed), Disney Sports football disc and case (no manual) for GameCube for £3, Rampart for Master System cart and case (no manual) for £2 Grandia 2 complete for ps2 for £5, Gumball 3000 complete for ps2 for £1,Driven complete for ps2 for £1
and Tetris Worlds complete for ps2 for £1.

On Thursday the 23rd I went in to an independent game shop and grabbed a few PSP games, I got  
Patapon complete for £2, Silent Hill Origins complete for £4 and Wipeout Pure complete for £1. I have wanted to get one of the Patapon games for a long time because I have heard nothing but good about the series.

On Saterday the 25th of February something I had orderd online arrived it was a game called Marbles! Balance Challange for the wii complete (German Version) for £12 (including postage). This is rather an intresting piece for me at least. You see one of the first none launch day released games I got for my Wii was a game called Kororinpa, I remember hearing when it was coming out, having already completed or grown bored of all of the games I already had and basically waiting for this game with baited breath and loving it when I got it. I never knew there was a sequel to it I didnt know because when the sequel came across from Japan to Europe instead of being called Kororinpa 2 they decided to rename it Marbles! Balance Challange, I have no idea how many copies it sold but this little bit of renaming stoped me knowing it existed until recently when I did a little reading. It was kind of cool though to find out that a game I had a lot of love for had a sequel that I knew nothing about, after all its not very often that something like that happens is it?

Overall I dont think it was a bad month. I spent £75.30 which is not the most I have ever spent but its not the least either and I certainly think I got a fair amount of bang for my buck.If I was to have to talk about favourate purchases well I guess it would be the two Wii games I got my hands on  Inazuma Eleven Strikers and Marbles! Balance Challange the first for its worth and its rariety the second mostly because of the fact its a game that if I had known about then I would very much have liked to get it on release, I guess the good side is getting it late means I have gotten it cheaper and it has come as a sort of pleasent late suprise. It is good to think that no matter how much you think you follow gaming and how much you might know you can always learn something new and that there are still suprises to enjoy.

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