Saturday, 4 February 2017

Dead time, how I find I waste so much of my free time because of indecision.

I have lots and lots of games, films and even TV shows that I want to watch, there is stuff I want to watch for myself and things I have promised other people that I will watch so that we can talk about or because they have sold it as one of those things that will change your life. It is funny isent it how many people push certain films or shows as things you just simply have to see, things that will either change how you think about something or are just simply unmisably good entertainment.

The truth is though that I seldom seem to ever catch up on  this to watch/play list, I guess some of it is the fact that there is always new things coming out at a sometimes frightening speed nowdays, so as soon as you watch one thing or play one thing another ten have come out and been thrust in to your life. Its not only the fact of how much there is its the fact that you have to decide how and in what order to experiance the things on your list.

One of the biggest problems is what I like to call dead time. Now your days are broken up between all kinds of diffrent time be they work time, travel time, dinner time and the best time free time. Now free time is the time when you get to either on your own or with others simply do whatever you want. Now how much free time each and every person has depends on all kinds of variables including your responsabilities, how much you work, how far you have to commute ecetera. So what is dead time? Well I would define dead time as time when you are free and you should be enjoying something, when you should be picking a film or book or other past time that brings you enjoyment but instead you seem to simply sit or lay there and do very little of anything, maybe you want to watch a film but cant decide which one, so instead of watching a film you sit in front of television programmes your not that intrested in waiting for inspiration to hit you, waiting to decide what film to watch or game to play.

I would love to say I have the solution for how to deal with dead time, how to take control of your time and not waste any of it but in honesty I dont have any obvious answers, so if anyone reading this has something to add or some suggestions feel free to tell me I would be intrested.

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