Friday, 10 February 2017

What kind of A hole steals a PS4 from a Childrens Cancer Ward?

Ok so anyone who knows me knows that I now and again tend to go on a bit of a rant, some of these rants are intelgent and heartfelt some of them are just hot air and frustration billowing out sometimes in the form of what can best be called dark impromptu stand up which can happen on a sofa or at work or pretty much anywhere, I have made jokes about kidnapping fashion models and forcing them to eat big macs until there vissable to the human eye, and about kidnapping and chaining up celebrity bloggers so that I can keep them in my basement and rid myself of all of the frustrations of modern life by punching them in the face. I came across an article of news the other day though which went straight beyond all of this, you see most things just mildly annoy me, even horrible things just annoy me because I have a pessimistic view of the world and I kind of assume its dark and that bad stuff is happening none stop, so it takes something special to really grind my gears. So I read a story about a Playstation 4 being stolen from a Childrens Caancer ward in a Hospital in New Zealand. Now lets get something straight Cancer absolutly sucks, it is a horrid thing and anyone who has had to fight it or has had to be there for a loved one who is fighting it has my deepest respect and sympathy, it would suck to have to deal with Cancer at any age but when your still a kid before you have had all manner of life experiances to help and guide you well to be told you have Cancer well yeah thats just on another level.

What Video Games provide on one level is escapism, you leave your boring or complicated world and enter other worlds with other possibilities, if your a sick kid this might be that for just awhile your not on a Cancer ward being tested and waiting you are insted a race car driver or the arcitect of your own world. To be able to provide chidren in this situation with this escapism is a great thing, however they got the machine anyone responsible for it in anyway shape or form be it assigning it to the budget, donating it or funds towards it whatever it is well they deserve to be shaken by the hand and thanked, so what about the git or gits who stole it well they deserve the kind of fate that you dont typically see outside of the old 80's DPP72 Video Nasties films. You see it needs to be realised that they did not steal an object with a retail/resale value, they stole the chance for the kids on this ward to have some escapism, to have some comfort in doing something fun during what can only be described as a dark time. I feel very strongly about this bit of news because I spent time on a kids ward when I was younger cause I have epilepsy and yeah what I was dealing with was no Cancer but it was still scary for a kid, playing on a donated Master System 2 at hospital would take my mind of the fact that I had to go in a scanning machine or have blood taken latter. I would say that the people who stole it should think about what it would be like to have something wrong with them and only have a games machine to take your mind off of it, to search deeply in there soul and return it but lets face it they have proberbly sold it for crack already.

I think its important to remember that this was not a case where the theif saw the machine left unattended and simply picked it up and walked off it was actually sensibly bolted to the table. Do you know what that means when you stop and think about it. It means that they planned to do this, I doubt they walked in to a cancer ward randomly with the gear to remove the bolts, so they must have seen it and thought about what they would need to get it and then gone away and got the tools and returned. Who in there right mind can sit and think ''oh you know what I am going to do I am going to go and steal from Children with Cancer''?

This kind of thing really makes me worry about the world in which we live.

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