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Retro Game Purchases July 2017

Well another month over another Retro Purchases thread. I recently started a Instergram Profile to run alongside this blog so if your on there I am on there under the name kerr9000_blog, as I have taken photos for my blog of quite a few things I got this will mean this post might have a few more picturers of my purchases than I usually provide. So my purchases started on the 3rd of July when I brought a small lot of Japanese Super Famicom (SNES) carts for £39, in it there was Castlevenia 4, Joe and Mac, SimCity, Street Fighter 2 World Warrior, Final Fight, Super Mario World and Xandora no Daibōken. It just seemed a good little bundle  I mostly wanted it for Joe and Mac and to try out Xandora no Daibōken which was released here as Whirlo but is actually an absolute pain in the behind to get and often crazily expensive. It is also kind of intresting to see some of the regional diffrences in some of the games like the Blood dripping from the title screen in Castlevania 4 and to see Final Fight in its unsensored form (Nintendo changed the female thugs in to male thugs so you wernt beating up women in the game over here).

I also visted a charity shop where I managed to pick up a few cube games I got Luigi's mansion complete for the gamecube for £3 and spiderman complete for the gamecube for £2
On the 8th I recieved a game in the mail it was DJ boy complete for mega drive for £9 including postage.

On the 9th on my way home from work I nipped in to an independent game shop and picked up
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors 2 for the NES it was a cart only copy for £5

On the 10th I visited a pawn shop I am really rather fond of, I have gotten quiet a few good bits and pieces there over the last few years and this time was no exception. I grabbed Super Mario World for the Snes pal cart only for £10, Legend for snes pal cart only for £10 and Batman Forever for the Snes pal cart only for £5, they actually wanted £10 for Batman Forever but I managed to talk them down by basically saying it was a rotten game which no one was likly to buy except a nutter collector like myself. The best bit was when I decided to look at there handheld games though, for a start I got Sonic Rivals complete for psp for £3, Taito Legends for psp missing the manual for £2 and Juiced for psp complete for £1. The real deal of the day and possibly the month though was when I got Pokemon Silver cart only for GBC £6 and Pokemon Crystal cart only for GBC £6.

On the 11th I got SD GUNDAM V SAKUSEN SHIDOU. Japanese snes cart for only £3, often with a lot of Japanese games they can be a language barrier issue but this looks like its sort of a cross between something like R-type and Cybernator with cute chibi Gundam based graphics.

 On the 18th I went to a pawn store which happens to be in the same place as one of my favourate coffee shops a coffee shop which has become a very special place for me and my girlfriend. On this visit as well as going for a very nice coffee with a wonderful lady I also picked up an absolute pile of games.I got Super Tennis for SNES boxed but with no manual for £5, Championship pool for the SNES complete for £3 and Amazing Tennis for the SNES complete for £4, not bad but they are sports games so a lot of people wouldnt be that over the moon about them. I also got my hands on some 8 bit games. I got Super tennis for master system complete for £1,Wizards and warriors for the NES cart only £3, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cart only £2, Dead angle for Master system complete for £2 and Evildead a fistfull of broomstick for PS2 complete for £1 which I was happy with but here come the real prizes of the day. I got Duck tales for the NES cart only for £6, it is one of my favourate NES games and one I have been desperate to own for a long time but the disney fun didnt end there I also got Deep duck trouble for the Master system complete for £5 which was an absolute corker of a price this game can go much higher than this particularly when complete. Finally I got Mighty morphing power rangers the movie boxed but no manual for megadrive for £10 which what can I say it is walk along beat em up which is one of my favourate video game genres it is also based of the Power Rangers which is a show I am very fond of and its also on one of my favourate consoles. There is also kind of a funny little story here one that makes me feel very lucky I have a wonderful girlfriend who lets me talk and talk about games, I showed her what I had brought on the way to the coffee shop and opend the cases ecetera and if it wasnt for doing this I wouldnt have noticed the cart was missing for Deep Duck Trouble and managed to run back and get it from the store.

On the 22nd I returned to the same store and got the following The Terminator complete for Master System for £3, Air Rescue complete for Master System for £2 Super Monaco GP complete for Mega Drive for £2, Turbo Racing for NES cart only for £3, and Double Dragon for NES cart only for £6. OK not quiet as good as the above but getting a cart of Double Dragon for the NES for £6 was pretty darn impressive, it sometimes goes for up to about £20 online just for a cart.

Then on the same day I was very lucky as my daughter called me from work and managed to get me BattleShip complete for CDI for £1.50 and International Tennis Open complete for CDI for £1.50 (yeah she is a brilliant daughter). I also had something come in the mail on this day and it was the single most expensive individual cart I purchased this month it was Final Fight 2 for Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) cart only for £15, I could talk about this at length but I think I cover a lot of why I wanted this game and why I was willing to pay so much in the review I just did on this blog.

On the 27th I dropped in a pawn store I enjoy visiting and managed to grab Sonice Advance for GBA cart only £3 and Tiny Toons Adventures 2 for the original GameBoy cart only for £2.
On the 28th I decided to take a look in some charity shops with my daughter and I didnt really grab much but I did get a few little bits and pieces. I got Operation Winback complete for PS2 for £1, The Scorpian King for Gamecube boxed but missing manual £1.50, a Playstation 2 memory card for 20pence and Who wants to be a millionare complete for ps1 for 50pence.

I ended my retro purchases on the very last day of July, the  31st by getting the following from an indy games store. I got Shaq Fu for Snes cart only for £3, Mario & Yoshi for Gameboy cart only for £2, Tomb Raider for ps1 disc and case no manual for £1, Final Fantasy 8 for ps1 just the discs for £5
and Alundra for ps1 just the disc for £5. I plan on making cases for the last two games, not perfect replicas that I will pass off as original but just something nice to keep them in. A lot of people speak very highly of Alundra and I have never actually owned a copy of it so I am pretty pleased to have it, sure it would have been nice to have it with a box and manual but I dont like to be picky especially not when I can get a bargain.

So I spent £204.20 this month on games which is quite frankly a shocking amount in my oppinion. I have to admit though that I did get a lot of things I have wanted for years. I sometimes believe it or not find it hard to buy things, I beat myself up for spending money on myself, I tell myself that I dont deserve it, but every time I tried to do that this month my girlfriend told me to stop being silly and reminded me of all the things I do for other people not to be overly mushy but shes just a little bit amazing. Then there is my daughter who supported me and pointed out things she thought id like and even looked for things for me at work. So when I stop and think about it the greatest thing this month is not any of the games I actually got my hands on, its knowing that I have a wonderful family who love and support me despite of all of my excentric hobbies and things I collect.

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