Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Mini Snes my thoughts on it and on how hard it is to get the thing.

Well This weekend has been a pretty darn important weekend for me, its been the one year anniversary of the first date me and my girlfriend went on together and on a lesser note I got the Mini SNES I have had preorderd for months. Now despite it being the less important of the two things its the one I am going to talk about here mostly because its the one most likely to be of interest to people who visit this blog.

 First of all for me at least preordering the Mini SNES was a bit of a bitch, it was hard with place after place I tried being sold out long before I could get my details in and get one ordered, I tried Shopto, Amazon and well all manner of online places, in the end I had to go to my semi local Game and place an in store Preorder, they also made it so I had to put £50 down as a deposit a none refundable deposit which I would loose along with my rights to the console if I didn't collect it within 48 hours of the units release. I know this might not sound like the worst clause in the world to some people but I suffer with epilepsy which sometimes can cause me to have fits that really knock me out of it and leave me just not wanting or particular able to do anything, so lets just say it would have been much better for me personally if I could have had it delivered to my house. Still I managed to pick up my mini SNES but unfortunately it looks like I am one of the lucky ones.

So here we are again just like with the Mini NES there are not enough units to meet demand and arseholes who managed to get them who have no real interest in them as games machines just as commodities are selling them or trading them in to other places meaning they end up costing some poor desperate sucker who actually wants one for what they are twice what they should. There are basically none of them available anywhere near me for anywhere near the recommended retail price but there are 5 of them available in CEX for £150 and some asshole on facebook has 12 of them and is trying to sell them for the same price. This is where I need to say something and its not the first time I have said this but get your bloody act together Nintendo your letting your customers down, if people are willing to spend so much then the demand is clearly there. Do your fans a favour and produce things like this as actual profit making products instead of cheap marketing gimmicks.  Oh let's make practically none of something so that we as a company can pat ourselves on the back call it a sold out success and the higher ups in the company can sit and have a smug self satisfied circle jerk while gamers who have kept the company in profit get the short end of the stick. At the very least if your going to make such a low number make it so you have to order it direct from Nintendo and its only one per person so you at the least cant have some dick hording and selling 12 of them. You might ask why I care if I already have one and the answers simple it's because I care about my fellow gamer, I want to see them happily getting and enjoying the products and games they want. Best of luck to all of you who wanted and couldn't get one I truly feel very sorry for you and the last thing I want to do is rub it in anyones face that I have one.

I would have liked it if this had turned out differently, I would have liked to have simply found myself writing a review of the hardware and saying how great it is, because trust me I do think its a great little unit. I have already talked about my thoughts on the choice of games Nintendo has put on it in a past blog and well to not overly repeat myself I think they really did do a very good job of picking a good little slice of the SNES libary. The machine looks great, feels like a quality product, the pads feel nice and the games run just as you would expect. The only thing that annoys me outside of the obvious issue with getting a hold of the unit and the whole scalper issues are very few and far between, my only other issue is a very minor one and it is that if you go to the manual section on the machine it gives you a QR code to scan with your phone, come on really it would not have taken that much room memory wise to put the manuals on the unit and allow you to look at them on there. If you can get one of these without being maid to pay through the nose for it then they are absolutely worth having.

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