Monday, 8 January 2018

High N64 sales in the lead up to Christmas 2017

According recent reports Christmas 2017 saw a large increase in the second hand market for demand for the Nintendo 64 and its games. A Kotaku reporter did a bit of research quizzing the owners of independent Video Game stores learning that overall there had been a heavy increase in N64 sales and people asking for N64's and N64 games with one independent store owner in New York, saying that he had sold more than 100 Nintendo 64s during the holiday season. Apparently according to sales data, this could be the best year of sales in the history of the console since it was discontinued and was integrated into the second-hand market.

I guess increased N64 sales at this time is not really all that surprising seeing as the people who grew up on the N64 are getting older they are naturally looking back at that console as the nostalgic machine of there youth one of the sources of there childhood joy. I guess a lot of people who were collecting NES and SNES games and things from that sort of time scale wanted to revisit that kind of thing because that is what they would have grown up on. When they wanted to revisit the games of there childhood they would have done so by buying SNES or MegaDrive games, now a new generation is getting into retro gaming and naturally they want to revisit the stuff from there own youth.

I guess one thing to take away from this as a collector is that if there is anything you want for the N64 you better grab it and grab it fast as for now prices are only likely to go one way and that is up. It also goes to show that sometimes it pays not to wait for something to become wanted.The games people are selling and getting rid of now, the games that they think are old and no longer wanted will be the games someone grew up on and one day they will most likely be wanted again by the people who have fond memories of them. I also think this should show Nintendo that a Mini N64 would sell like hot cakes right now, they should make one and they should make it in mass numbers because why let various indy games stores profit off of there games when they could profit themselves instead.

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