Thursday, 18 January 2018

What I do in my free time in real life and online Revisited.

So its been a long time since I have talked about what I do when I am not writing this blog including what I do online, other blogs I visit, things I like to follow on youtube etcetera so I thought I might do a bit of an updated version. I still follow a lot of the things I used to follow like the Angry Video Game nerd and the Nostalgia Critic so I wont be mentioning them. I wont mention every thing I have watched or every thing I have done but I just want to talk about a few things and give a rough idea of what I have been up to.

So before I start I am sad to say that I am not going to be recommending any other small blogs, I am very sad to say all of the ones I loved have either massively slowed down or just seem to have died.

In my day to day life a lot of my time has been split between spending time with my Fiancée and my daughter. My daughter has just sat her mock GCSE's so I have been trying to support her and offer whatever help and encouragement I can. With my Fiancée we have been watching a lot of shows together, visiting different coffee shops and we even had a day at a Spa together, which was actually the first time I ever visited one and it was pretty darn good, I got to spend lots of time in various different pools, infinite pools, candle pools etcetera. I do have to thank both my Fiancée and my daughter for pointing out things in the news that will interest me, for talking to me a lot and allowing me to debate things with them which is something which helps me come up with ideas for what to write about on here. I have dedicated a decent amount of time to keeping this blog ticking, and I have managed to play quiet a few games but a few of my shall we say hobbies have suffered a bit. I have stopped writing novels and short stories not sure if this is the end of that particular part of my life or if it is something I will return to in the future. I did just loose a hard drive which was full of half started story ideas so if I ever do go back to trying to write then whatever I end up writing will be completely fresh. I haven't even done a lot of reading recently. I am currently reading a great book my Fiancée got me about conspiracies which I am sure will feed back into this place at some point in the future.

As for online I do spend a fair degree of my time on a new Forum which I would like to highly recommend. This is the Retro Canteen, which you can reach by clicking on the hyper-link embedded in its name. Its a great place where not only do people talk about Retro games, they also talk about all things retro, modern games, there is an off topic section and they even have there own irc style chat every Sunday night.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks watch a whole bunch of videos about wrestling by some guys which can be found at 
I absolute love this OSW guys. They watch all of the old Hulkamania time period wrestling events and talk about them. They talk about the matches the kind of way that you I would talk with my friends, they laugh at some of the bad angles, the missed moves, the over reactions. It is so obvious that they are having an absolute ball making there videos/podcasts and well its infectious, I just cant help but have fun watching them. It has actually made me want to watch more wrestling, I do have a few older shows on DVD so I might actually watch and review a few of them here seeing as beyond talking about the hall of fame I haven't said much about wrestling on here in a long time.

I guess that sums up what I have been up to online and offline recently and I would strongly recommend that you check out both the Retro Canteen and OSW.

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