Wednesday, 22 July 2015

More Amiibo Madness

I originally wrote a post on my last blog about how crazy it could be getting the Amiibo's you wanted. I called it ''The great Nintendo Amiibo purchasing Odyssey''

It started with how happy I was at having managed to get a Shulk Amiibo for its retail price. I talked about what Amiibo's are and about how relieved I was that it was done and over with and that Id never have to look for him again. I talked about all the steps I went through the shops I checked both on and offline, and how it was crazy to have to go to so much effort to get a lump of plastic without having to pay someone who had brought a few and hoarded them just to force others in to paying them more than twice its retail value to make a quick buck at someone else's expense.

The real problem with Amiibo's though is that if your a real Nintendo fan and you start really getting in to them and trying to collect them, if you start thinking you want to have all of a particular set or all of the ones based on a set game or even if you just want to have the lot then its never really over, it just seems to drag on and on.

I had a good run, in the space of a few weeks I got a Shulk, a Little Mac, a Rosalina but the more I got the more of them I wanted, after all it would be silly to have half a set of something and then stop wouldn't it?

I set myself rules that I wouldn't pay above a set amount for any one figure and I went for it. There have been moments of pain for example a Squid boy Amiibo from splatoon got lost in the post, A delivery company decided to crush the life out of the Mario collection yoshi I had ordered and then to top it off the same delivery company told a shop they had delivered my order of a squid girl Amiibo and a Greninja Amiibo and then got caught in a lie proving they hadn't. Unfortunately due to a lack of stock all the place who had supplied these Amiibo's who went missing ended up having to simply refund me due to not having access to any replacements. There was even a few times I would order an Amiibo the order would go through theyd take my money and then refund it a few days latter with a ''Sorry we didn't get as many as we thought we would''. There have also been moments of pleasure such as finding a Jigglypuff  managing to get all of the yarn yoshis and today managing to buy the three pack containing all three of the Splatoon Amiibo's.

Sometimes when life gave me lemon I did my best to make lemonade. The Pink Yoshi you see at the top of this post is a custom I made. I made her because when my Yoshi was crushed I decided to buy another one and make the best of a bad situation by having some fun and painting the crushed one, making it in to my very own custom one.

So where do I stand now? I stand with every Smash collection Amiibo except Greyninja, all the splatoon amiibo's all the yarn yoshi's, a Mario collection Yoshi, a Mario collection Luigi, a Mario collection Silver Mario, every upcoming pre-orderable smash Amiibo preorderd and two new Greninja's orderd in the hope that one just one of them manages to make it through without being refunded

Yet I wonder is there an end in sight? Thinking about it Nintendo could make these things for years will I one day be buying alternative colour scheme goomba 47 going ''oh it would be silly to stop now''.

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