Monday, 20 July 2015

This Blog has been set up to allow me to continue to post my own projects, game reviews, horror movie reviews, polltics and news related rants plus  other bits and pieces. 

I have no reason to try and sugar coat my coverage of bad games or films unlike some websites I am sure we can all name. I am also not afraid to claim either a game or film is brilliant even if others have not been so kind. I also dont care if other people dont agree with me, we all have opinions and life would be pretty darn boring if they were all the same.

I have started this blog to replace my old one which will soon no longer exist due to the site it is hosted on being shut down.

First and formost my name is Kerr9000 and I like to think of myself as a sort of Historian of Video games and horror films. I am also a writer of short horror stories. I have also from time to time made the odd youtube video and I have previously made Podcasts for video game websites.

Is the link for my youtube videos, there has not been a new one for some time though.

As for podcasts the last two I did can be found on the links below, they are both about Video games, one of them includes a debate about what games children should and should not be allowed to play.

I will end by saying if you have made it over here from my old blog then I am glad (please bear with me if I repost old stuff as Id like to keep it around online), if your a new reader then hey hi nice to meet you. Here is to the future hopefully I wont need to move this blog again for a long long time.

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