Thursday, 30 July 2015

Games I have completed in July 2015

OK I am once again copying from my good buddy's blog here I swear I will come up with something original soon. So I am here talking about the games I have completed this month in this case they are Assassins creed 4 black flag and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I guess to some degree I will be almost doing mini reviews of them but then I also want to talk about how long I have been playing them for, how hard or easy they were to complete and if I think I will ever go back to them again.


 So to start with I will talk about Assassins creed 4 black flag. To start with I have played every single Assassins creed game that has come out but at present this is the only one I have completed which I think says a lot for it to start with. I remember playing the original one on my Xbox 360, I got some enjoyment out of it, the assassinations the leaps of faith into giant piles of hay but eventually it just seemed to become to more of a chore than a pleasure. I guess some of it is that I never became invested in the characters, I never felt the need to learn what happened to them. Black flag was different though, the main Character Edward Kenway seemed interesting, I wanted to know how his story would unfold and what would happen to the people he knew and cared about. Not only this though things happened that I didn't see coming so it kept me surprised and on my feet. It has everything the past games in its series have had but I just seemed to connect with the plot and characters so much more. I enjoyed the sailing and upgrading my boat. I have basically been playing this game in quick spurts for the whole of the month finishing it a few days ago. Since finishing it I have gone back on it a few times found a few extra chests, purchased a few different outfits. I even noticed that the season pass was on half price sale and decided to purchase it. I think I mostly did this so I could play the freedom city add on because I found the character who I know features in that interesting. It wasn't a hard game to finish, there was the odd part I found a little challenging, mostly bits where it instantly failed you if you were seen but in general I would say its a medium game in terms of difficulty. I have had a brief look at Assassins creed unity and the fact that there are buttons which allow you to go up or down giving you a little bit more control when free running but in general it felt like a step backwards.

 As for Call of Duty Advanced warfare well I got it on sale ages ago, I have been playing it more or less a mission at a time with large gaps between them. Nothing with the game was really bad but I didn't feel anything was that brilliant or gripping either. It seemed to have that thing in it that lots of Call of Duty games do where they give you an interesting tool or ability to play with and then its either for that mission only or you only use it when the game dictates that it needs to be used. I would find myself playing through a level and then I would finish a level and immediately find that I had hit my threshold for it, I wanted to save come off it and go on something else. Then sometimes it would be a week or a fortnight before I would even play the next one. After finishing it I did take a dip into the online multi-player and in honesty it didnt seem too bad but I don't think I will be playing it again. So does any of the DLC appeal to me? Well I have a soft spot for zombies so obviously yes some of the zombie stuff appeals to me, particularly knowing that Bruce Campbell star of The Evil Dead films and upcoming TV series Ash Versus Evil Dead is in it. The truth is though that I don't understand what I really need to buy to get the zombie related stuff it seems like to get it all I would need to buy the season pass which is around £35, which is a lot when I am not interested in any extra none zombie related maps or multi-player or well anything other than Bruce and the Dead. The only thing I got a little stuck on was chasing a Villain and I think that had more to do with my daughter talking to me and me getting confused and not knowing where he had gone in order to follow him. The story was not that interesting but I have to admit that Kevin Spacey's performance was straight out of a GI Joe cartoon. So what would I like to see from a future Call of Duty? Well for a start if I have tools in my arsenal let me use them when I please and be able to tackle the levels in different ways. I dont usually finish a Call of Duty before its sequel is out, a large part of that is due to how I tend to play them a level every so often but its also because I wont buy them till I can get them for around half of there original Recommended Retail Price. (If my memory serves me I still need to finish black op's 2).

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