Friday, 24 July 2015

This Months Video Game purchases

So I have to admit first that I am stealing this idea wholesale from my friend at The Game Over Yeah blog but its a good idea and I like it. I noticed that he did posts based on what he had finished recently and the recent purchases he had made. So here I am doing a this is the stuff I have recently gotten video game wise. I know this is a horror site as well so you might wonder why I am only going to mention games but its simple. With horror I tend to just watch it on various online services or litterally pick from my local pawn stores pound section, they don't tend to have the same collect-ability as games and there's not as much wheeling and dealing and hunting involved. Also I will from time to time buy digital games if there is a sale on but I much prefer owning these physically, this might be strange to some but its just the way I roll.

The main reason I collect video games is for the thrill of the chase, if they were stupidly easy to get for nothing all the time like horror DVD's usually are then I probably wouldn't bother. I tend to fluctuate with my game buying, I will buy lots and lots of retro games on the cheap and then I will sort of cool my jets and decided its time to go back to the modern, I have to admit this rhythm has been a little disturbed by the invention of Amiibo.

I would have waited for the end of the month to do this but in all honesty with knowing what I am up to I doubt I will buy anything else. For the purpose of clarification when I shop for retro I tend to count anything not this current generation as retro, I see it as cherry picking before it gets that rare collectable glaze that people just suddenly see when something is old.

The most recent item I have purchased was a cartridge only copy of Kevin Keegan's Player Manager for the Super Nintendo for 99pence in a pawn store a day or two ago. It was in good condition but yeah I know its an old sports title so not too impressive.

On the 21st I grabbed a few cheap PS2 games 5 for 2.50 almost didn't bother but I looked at all the discs inside the cases and they looked like they'd never been played... Dragon Rage, Eternal Ring, Ghost Hunter, Legion the legend of Excalibur, Alone in the dark the new nightmare. Yeah none of them are going to set the world on fire and even if I had gone looking for these titles specifically I probably wouldn't have paid more than 10 pounds but sometimes if its in front of you then you just grab them for the sake of it.

On Thursday the 16th I grabbed the following from a charity shop all of them complete boxed with manuals and in good condition.  Die hard trilogy, Future cop L.A.P.D., Wild 9, Medal of honour Underground and Excalibur all for ps1. I also grabbed Time Crisis 3 for PS2. Now the real cherry here seems to be Future Cop L.A.P.D as it sells for between 12 to 25pounds on line depending on condition but not only that it seems to have a good cult following and some good reviews under its belt. In honesty buying it I didn't know anything about its worth, I knew I could remember hearing it was good but I also knew that I would buy pretty much any PS1 game boxed with manual for that kind of price.

Really compared to last Month its been a slow month, after all last month I got a boxed Gamcube with a pile of games for 40quid but to be honest I needed a slow games buying month just to afford the Amiibo figures I ended up with. 

(Edit added 31/07/2015) 

Despite saying I knew I would get nothing else by the end of the month I did grab a few things

I picked these up all for the PS1 over the last day or two, Magic Carpet 50pence complete, MDK 50pence complete, Eliminator  50pence complete, RE-LOADED 50pence complete and Heart of Darkness  1quid complete. None of them are worth a fortune but most of them are things I have played before and enjoyed.

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