Saturday, 2 April 2016

Applying Ferengi rules of Aquisition to the human love life

Hello my fellow hew-mons, now I want to get a few things clear before I start, one I am a Geek, a Nerd and a Trek lover, 2 this is done largly for fun so if you take offense at something remember to add a pinch of salt as this is largly done for chuckles. Now I have always liked the Ferengi maybe its because when I shave my head with my big ears I look like one, or maybe its the fact they basically exist to make a mockery of capitalism or its because they dont allow there women to have clothes, or just maybe its because they are so darn funny.

I sat and I thought about all the wonderful rules of Acquisitain the Ferengi have and the legends they have which are the basis for them and I thought you know something wouldnt it be great to pick a bit of fun and relate a few of them to life and to love? Then I thought I bet someone else has already done it but then I decided oh what the hell everythings already been done on the simpsons and thats never stopedd family guy from doing there own take. As well as taking the pee there also might be a moral or two in here

So I am going to start with the 3rd Rule of Aquisition which is ''Never pay more for an Aquisition than you have to'' Now I dont agree with all of the ferengi laws but you can bet if I am going to buy a T shirt or a DVD that I follow this one to the core, I look around I find the best price and thats what I pay because well I want my money to get me the most it can. The ferengi tale around this one says that once on Ferenginar when the planet was young there were the Ferengi and the gree both races where huge splendid creatures with beauty and dangerous talents but there god made them have a bidding war for control of the planet, the gree gave away so much for the right to control the planet that they became pathetic little slug creatures. Originaly they had dangerous razor teeth, long claws, poisoned barbs, large bodies, power strength and they sold it all. When this had been done the Ferengi just ate them up like a snack there by learning the 3rd rule of Aquisitiation. ''Never pay more for an Aquisition than you have to''

Well were can I connect this concept to  love you might ask ah well what do you think dating is all about my fellow hew-mons, its about the characterstics and personality traits you have to offer at the bartering table, the art of dating might be seen as selling your person as merchandise. I have already talked about how people show diffrent aspects of there personality to diffrent people and thats fine thats normal what is not normal is when you hide elements of yourself to make you seem like a better sell.  If you sell off your sense of humour because it annoys someone then you become less yourself just like the gree did when they sold there razor sharp teeth. if this goes on and on you might become less of the man or woman you are and more of a slug, and we all know what happened to the gree they became a snack to be chewed on and spat out. Now I am not saying dont dance in his or her beauty dont enhale the scent of her hair dont put your best foot forward and show him or her all the wonderfulness of your personality and why your worth more than gold pressed latinum just make sure that you remember the 3rd rule of Acquisition ''Never pay more for an Aquisition than you have to'' the more in this case being loosing sight of who you really are..

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