Saturday, 23 April 2016

RIP Chyna the "Ninth Wonder of the World" Rest in Peace.

2016 Feels like it has been a bad year to be a famous legend of yesteryear, we have lost lots of great people and I could talk about them all but with this forum being about the kind of things its about I have chosen to write about two who have recently departed one because of there impact on the world of wrestling and the other because he was the star of one of my favourate films, a film which like a lot of the films I like has a sort of B movie style reputation.I will handle the first today.

So who am I talking about? Well I am talking about the  '9th Wonder of the World, AKA Chyna or to go by her real name Joanie Laurer. Now I have been meaning to write about Chyna for a long time basically for two reasons one would be her contribution to the Attitude era of the WWE, one of my favourate era's and the other would be because of the WWE Hall of Fame. Basically she is not in the hall of Fame because Triple H the big dick weasel that he is does not think that she should be in it because ''she did porn films'' or at least that is his story and he has been sticking to it for years, Chyna is actually his X girlfriend though, His X girlfriend he cheated on with Stephanie McMahnn his current Wife. Lets ignore this bullshit, the truth is I havnt seen her porn, I have no desire to see her porn not because I am a prude or anything just because I have no desire to see Chyna like that, I see Chyna as an awesome wrestler and thats how I will always see her. Apparently both HHH and Stephanie have posted condolences and this makes it more likly that she might end up in the hall, but thats little bit of too little too late, it seems like the Woman has basically ended up dead from a broken heart, from the fact shes been shunned so much in life and had her name pulled through the dirt... Yes she did porn, she used her body to make money, but it was her body and it was her business what she did with it, no one should have the right to shit on her and drag her through the dirt for it, if you dont want to see it, then dont watch it, if your scared your kids might see it as HHH claims well if it wasnt Chyna's knockers they saw it wouldnt erase the whole porn industry it would just be a diffrent set of knockers.... put aside that and remember her for her career and what she gave to the wrestling industry.

Ok so a bit about her career, this is to both pay respect to her and show I think she had a Hall of Fame worthy career and should have got in for it as apposed to a post death sympathyentry.Laurer first rose to prominence in the World Wrestling Federation in 1997, where she performed as Chyna and was billed as the "Ninth Wonder of the World" which in of itself was a pretty big deal as they hadnt used the wonder of the world gimic since the late great AndrĂ© the Giant who wass billed as the eighth wonder of the world, if they were willing to put Chyna in to the same category as the Giant I think that shows something from the get go about how they viewed her skills and talent potential back in the day. She was a founding member of one of the most popular wrestling stables D-Generation X (even if this seems to have been downplayed in recent years with history being alterd in the editing suit), she held the WWF Intercontinental Championship a typically male belt in fact she is the only female performer to have ever done so and more than that she did it twice. She was also the WWF Women's Championship once. She did a heck of a lot of firsts for a female wrestler, she was the first Woman  to participate in both the Royal Rumble and the King of the Ring events, and was the first and to my knowledge only woman to become the number one contender for the main WWF Championship. She didnt just beat rubbish has been or never was male wrestlers either she had singles victories over several prominent male wrestlers including several multiple-time world champions the likes of Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho.

I know people will retaleate against this with ''she did porn'' but I think the woman was a role model for women, no I am not saying every woman should be a wrestler and should choke slam a man from the top turnbuckle, what I am saying is a woman should be what she is inside regardless of if its deemed normal by society or not. Chyna had one of the best theme songs in wreslting in my oppinion and its because it reflectd her so well particularly the line ''Dont Treat me like  woman, dont treat me like a man, just treat me for who I am'' if thats not a cry for equality then I dont know what is. I dont see Chyna as a good wrestler for a Woman I see her as a Legend of the industry and from all the times I have seen her talk I actually think that despite her hard exteria she had a soft center to her and I am deeply saddend to hear that she passed when she did and that she never got the recognition or support she truly deserved.. If my kid looked up Chyna and saw that she did porn Id say ''Yes she did, but she also was a legendery wrestler and a teacher, and a woman, she owned her life and did what she thought she had to and wanted to do when she did it and there is nothing wrong in that'' maybe Triple HHH should worry less about a Woman doing porn and worry more about how he raises his kids, you raise your children to view Women as more than a life support system for a Vagina, you raise them to realise people make choices in life and then live with them, you also raise them to know that its not your job to judge other people for what they may or may not have done.

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