Friday, 1 April 2016

My retro Video Game purchases in March 2016

Well in all honesty it is another month when I have not really gotten that much and there is not any massive grand reason really, it was my daughters birthday so I did conccentrate more on making sure she got the things she wanted but I certainly had the money with which I could have gone a little game buying crazy, I just didnt seem to want to. In honesty if it wasnt for one purchse this month there wouldnt be much point in writing this at all, so I might as well get down to talking about what I picked up.

My first purachse was on Thursday March the 10th. I spent £4 to get Pilot Academy boxed complete for the psp, The simpons Game boxed and complete for the psp and Lego starwars 2 boxed and complete for the psp (platinum version). This was from GAME and I did it on my way to work, none of them are exactly incredble finds but seeing anything for the psp in my local GAME which isent a football game s suprising and I had never seen Pilot Academy before and it peeked my intrest.

On Sateray March the 12th I spent £30 for the following a boxed original Playstation with
Disneys hercules boxed missing manual, Soul blade boxed missing manual, Cool borders 2 complete, The Itallian Job complete (platinum), Fifa 2000 complete (platinum), Formula 1 98 disc and half a box (no front cover), who wants to be a millionaire complete, Rayman complete (platinum with a badly cracked case), Gran Turismo complete (badly cracked case), Crash Bandicoot (disc in a plastic sleeve), Brian Lara cricket boxed no manual, Toca 2 touring cars compete, Football Madness complete, Mortal Kombat trilogy complete (classics edition),mobile light force complete
Twisted Metal world tour complete.

The above was gotten from a charity shop, but a charity shop which usually checks ebay and asks for the going rate for a game, but for some reason maybe because they wanted to shift the stock fast they had just stuck a £30 sticker on the whole lot, when I have walked in there and seen them ask for £30 for single Playstation, Saturn and N64 games before. I basically really wanted Twisted metal and knew it goes for a lot more on itts own, kind of wanted Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Mobile Light force as well and just thought I better get this off there hands before they decide to change there minds and price everything up individually after all World Tour usually always tends to go for over £40 on its own, and its in brilliant condition.

On Thursdaay March the 17th I walked into game and got Inazuma Eleven for the DS complete £3 a fair reduction from the £12.99 they wanted for it only 6 months ago, I guess they are wanting to gey shot of a lot of there DS stock. On the 25th I went back and got Last Window The Secret of Cape West complete for the DS for £4 and that is all of my purchases for the month.

I am most happy that I finally have a real copy of one of the PS1 twisted metal game as I used to enjoy playing these with my brother a lot, I had always meant to grab at least one of them but the price just seemed to have climbed and climbed and I was happy with the prospect of paying over £40 after postage for one of them offline.

Will next month be any better? I dont think so. The thing is if I wanted to get the games that I want and pay the going rate for them then I would be swimming in stuff but in honesty I only like to get something if it is a bargain and I also think sticking to this kind of a rule stops me from getting so much stuff thhat it is just pouring out of my windows.. We all only hve so much space after all.

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