Sunday, 10 April 2016

More Applying Ferengi rules of Acquisitian to the Hew-mon love life

So Ok if you didnt read the first of these then maybe go back and read it as I outline what I am doing here and also warn people to maybe not take it too seriously, I actually think there was a pretty cool and deep warning in the last one, but I dont intend all of them to be quiet that plain, not sure how many I will do but I am certainly not going to cover every rule or do them in order, as can proberbly be gatherd from the fact I started with the 3rd rule.
I here by point you to the 40th of the rule of Acquisition ''she can touch your lobes, but never your latinum'' This is illustrated in the following excerpt from Ferengi erotica '' As her delicate fingersteased his lobe, he could feel her free hand crawling like a romulan fire spider down his body. Her nails raked his thigh. He stiifend as he felt her hand close warmly and squeeze tightly around his money pouch.. and with a might heve, he lifeted her up into his arms, took one step forward and tossed her out of the window...''

Ok so how does this apply to real life? Well for a start the rules of Aquisition are written for Ferengi males but I am dealing with them as rules which may or may not help a male or female hew-mon. So am I saying that anyone who wants money should be tossed out of a window? Well it would certainly help any of us hew-mons who value latinum above and beyond all else thats for sure. Do I think its a good rule overall though, well thats far more complex. I think if one side is looking at the other ones wallet or purse and smiling more than they do when looking at that persons face then it is seriously time for the wallet/purse holder to stop and think about if the other person really likes them or if they like what they can get from them. So I guess that what I am saying is if someone cares more about your money and about what you can get for them with your money than the love you can give, the bits of your soul you can share with them and the way you can make them feel then perhapse its time not to toss them out of a window but to seriously consider tossing them out of your life.

Dont get me wrong its lovely to be romantic and grab someone flowers or a random present or to take them to dinner and pay to show how much you appreciate them but if someone wants more and more and never seems satisifed and keeps holding there hand out even if they can see you cant really afford it then its not a good relationship.. I dont think I can quiet quote the 40th of the rule of Acquisition here ''she can touch your lobes, but never your latinum'', maybe its cause I am a soft sod, becuase I believe in giving someone your with nice gifts and more than that if I had a £20 and even a friend was in dire need and I could afford to give them it then I would so I guess in this case Id have to say make sure that he or she wants you for whats between your lobes and not your latinum

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