Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A heart felt post about the value of trust

Whenever you hear talk of relationships be they friendship based or love based or even relationships of nesecity such as the relationship between co-workers then your going to hear the word trust. You see as far as I am concerned trust is fundamental to life, or to be precise fundamental to a good life.
You need trust in order to have true happiness and I am not just saying that you need to be trusted by your partner or to trust your partner you need trust in yourself and to have the trust of those you hold dear be they your family or your friends and no im not talking mere acquatances I am talking real friends the ones who are basically the family you choose for yourself. To put it simply if you cannot trust in anything, then life soon becomes completly shit not all at once but bit by bit it becomes more and more of a battle against intolerable lonlyness, paranoia and dread, with no trust youll soon find you dread even waking up.

You can’t have relationships of any worth whatsoever without trust. Intimacy is the glue that all relationships depend on . I would not be surprised in even the slightest if more relationships were fucked up by trust issues than by actual infidelity. A partner who can’t trust the other not to betray them has a very high chance of pushing there significant other away or in fact increaseing there odds of cheating..Now I am not saying if you trust someone you will never be cheated on it would be lovely if that was true but if you spend every second of your life watching the other person certain that they are going to cheat on you it cant do you or them any good.

Its not just romantic relationships where this can be applied though it also applies in the workplace too, trust is essential for most people to be able to do there best at work. A work place without trust will be full of backstabbing, fear and paranoia. If you work for a boss who doesn’t trust you to do things correctly they will most likly be checking up on you all the time and this lack of trust will make you feel like shit. Add to this colleagues who don’t trust one another and youll spend more time watching your back than actually working, more time doubting yourself, doubting them, doubting your boss, it all becomes an unhealthy cycle.

The exact same can be said about friendships.
So whats a guy or girl to do about it all well you have to start with an act of faith, put simply you have to say fuck it this person seems decent I will trust them. Will your trust sometimes be misplaced? Of course it will for every trust worthy person out there there are at least 4 arseholes, heck even some of the best of us will fall from grace now and then. You will never have a truly deep connection with someone if your not willing to trust them on at least some level.

You dont have to trust everyone but once you can deeply trust a handful of peope then you have yourself a tribe and thats when you will feel that you belong.

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