Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My take on recent happenings in the world of wrestling

Ok so this is a bit of a piece just talking about the world in wrestling and a few of the things that have either happend or have been reported on lattl.

So the first thing I want to talk about is the fact that Cody Rhodes asked to be released by the WWE and they granted him his request. This was followed up by him promising that he would reveal why and then doing so. The long and short of it is that despite having loved his time and having been proud to have been involved with the trainers and wrestlers he has been involved with he doesnt feel that he is being properly used, this is something I actually agree with. Cody Rhodes is a very good wrestler who has made every gimic and ankle he has been given work. The following quote from his letter sums things up nicly ''My goal in pro-wrestling has always been to win the WWE Championship(the one accolade in the game my Father never obtained), and for a decade I tried to convince both Vince and HHH that I could be their star-player, their varsity quarterback if you will, but it seems we have reached the point where neither saw that in me.''.

Dusty was there in a time when all of the hopes and dreams of the federation where largly hung on Hulk Hogan, so despite all of his charisma and skill he was kind of relegated to being a back bencher, despite everything he had going for him. You would think that having seen how dangerous it is to pin everything on one wrestler the WWE would have learned itss lessons. We dont need in my oppinion to have the likes of Triple H and Cena going for huge numbers of times they have held the big belt, we need that belt to be held by diffrent people to change hands to keep things exciting and to thrust people in to the limelight, WWE doesnt need one or 2 big stars it needs an awesome rosta over all one which is full of talent. Is this the right decision for him to have made? I think so, he hasnt stamped off in a paddy so if he goes out there wrestles in Japan maybe or uses his acting skills to get noticed and then either wants to return or they realise what they have lost then lets just say his slate is pretty clean, its not like he ran off screaming up yours I hate you all. I would recomend reading the full letter it is a pretty classy letter which sets the record straight without being arsy. Plus he had many good matches and held the tag championship 6 times so maybe one day he will be a hall of famer.

In slightly lesser news but also worth a breif mention today WWE have confirmed the release of Eden Stiles at her request for those that dont know Eden's husband is Cody Rhodes. She was working for WWE as a ring announcer a role she originally started in 2011 before leaving and then returning in 2013 until now.

Speaking of Triple H, apparently he has been considering retiring from in ring action. I actually think this is a fantastic idea, the man has had his high moments and certainly has more than enough accolades to be a hall of famer so why not retire from physical wrestling while still healthy and instead use his brains and experiance for his other roles within the industry. Wrestling is one of those industrys where you see far too many people keep on going and going well past the point that they should. As much as I love certain old wrestlers who just never wanted to quit I do think that it is proberbly best for both them and for business if they get out at a reasonable age and instead of trying to have a career that lasts until they are in the grave they focus on using what they have learned to help push the stars of tommorow.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is someone else leaving the WWE, someone who left due to a contract dispute and this is the former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

To simplify it Ryback had issues with the fact that the winner of a certain match is paid more than the wrestler who loses ddespite wins and losses being predetermined and not related to the amount of effort a performer puts into his performance. It was reported that, Ryback demanded a change in his contract, basically he was asking for the pay diffrence between winner and loser to be lessend. 
Ryback was sent back home during the RAW after WWE Payback pay-per-view.
Ryback then hinted on leaving the company. Ass things stand it looks like his contract will be left to expire and he has hinted that he might be TNA bound. Now I am not a huge fan of Ryback, I find him to be a decent wreslter but I do think that potentially he has made a good point as far as pay goes. As a kid I loved Hulk Hogan but lets face it who did the real work to make Hogan a Legend? Yes some of it was Hogan himself, some of it was creative but without real good Villians like Piper and the Million Dollar man who would give a crap about a hero? It was those Villians who really made the great TV moments I remember so when you look at it that way they deserve a fair cut of the cash dont you think? This is the kind of discusion the WWE would proberbly like to avoid though as if everyone felt this way it would mean more payouts or a rearannging of the entire way fianances within the company are handled.

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