Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 2016 Retro Game purchases.

Well my game purchasing for the month started on Tuesday the 3rd of May 03, I was passing my local Granger games and went in and got WWE All Stars: (Essential version) For the PSP complete for £2. A few days latter on the 5th I was visiting a pawn store and picked up the following loose Gameboy Advance carts for £1 each XXX, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Barnyard, and Narnia The lion the witch and the wardrobe.

Two of my favourate purcchases of the month arrived on Saterday the 7th.
Etrian Odyssey for the DS complete which I paid £10 for including postage and Fire Pro Wrestling 2 for the Super Famicom (Japanese Snes) game boxed complete for £5. I actually played and complete Etrian Odyssey a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I have wanted to own it for a long time but have just been waiting to try and get it for a good price.

On the 8th after work I nipped into Granger again and got Gangs of London (platinum version) complete for the psp for £1. The following day I nipped into game and got a small pile of complete PSP games for £5 these were Lego Harry Potter years 5 to 7, Swat Target Liberty. Beaterator, Gran Turismo (platinum), Ratchet and Clank Size Matters (Platinum), and Motorstorm Arctic Edge (Platinum). I also got a Japanese copy of Super Pinball Behind the Mask for the SNES cart only arrive from ebay it cost me £2 including postage, I got it partly because of the cheap price but also because it is a game I intend to review. 
After this things went cold for a bit, there didnt seem to be much out there worth buying so I did the sensible thing and didnt buy anything until the 16th, when I grabbed 3 complete DS games for £2 in total. I got Puzzle collection, Junior brain trainer and Dolphin Island underwater adventure. Yeah they are not the most intresting of games but Dolphin Island is actually one of the games with some special DSi functionality apparently which is kind of cool. Then on the 18th I grabbed 
some more PSP stuff  I got Coded arms, Star Wars battlefield renegade squadron and Saw 2(film) all complete for £2 in total. The following day I went in to some charity shops and got Sonic Heroes (classics version) complete for Xbox for £2 and Odd World Munches Odyssey complete for xbox for £2 as well.

On the 23rd I was popping into a local game store so that my daughter could grab some Yugio cards and I grabbed 8 Loose game discs in plastic sleeves for £5, these games were Gauntlet Dark Legacy on Xbox, Duel Masters ps2, Legend of kay ps2, R racing ps2, Metal Slug 3 xbox, Metal Dungeon xbox, and 2 copies of Dynasty Tactics.
Then on the 28th I got Dancing Stage Unleashed complete game for XBOX for £1 from a charity shop. I am not even sure if I have a dance mat but the game was in such good condition I couldnt help but grab it. I also grabbed 2 Official Playstation 1/2 Composite TV leads for £1 each.

On the 30th I spent £2 on a few PS2 games Space Invaders:Invasion day (boxed no manual), Dirt Track devils (Complete), and Eden (complete). Really I was just going to grab Space Invaders:Invasion day but they were all £1 buy 2 get 1 free so I kind of thought sod it I will get a couple of games.

Then on the last day of the month I spent almost as much as I had spent all month .I grabbed a little bulk lot of games for £25. I got Wrestle War for the megadrive complete,
Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 for the PS1 complete,Mech Warrior 2 for the ps1 complete,Monkey Hero for the ps1 complete(Value series edition),Eragon for DS complete (American), The Last AirBender for DS complete, and 2 Sealed copies of Finding Nemo Escape to the big blue for Nintendo ds. Being a huge Starwars fan and also having fond memories of playing it when it came out I was very happy to get my hands on Rebel Assault 2.

This means that I spent something around £75 on retro games this month, its not a huge amount but it is kind of scary when you think of it as a whole amount, but then when it comes out a little bit here and then I guess its not to bad. It could be far worse I  could be drinking it away or something.

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