Monday, 17 October 2016

How when Rewatching Wrestling its often the Villians I appreciate the most

I have to admit when I was young I was a total mark as far as wrestling goes, as a young boy I really believed that it was all real and true and I loved most of the guys you were suppoed to love and I hated most of the guys you were supposed to hate.

This meant as a kid I couldnt stand Ravashing Rick Rude, I couldnt stand the Model Rick Martel, I hated The Nature Boy Rick Flair, I couldnt stand Ted Debiose but then when I got older and began to learn more about things I began to really appreciate the art of being a bad guy. It must be really easy to walk out a hero and be met with cheers love and appreciation, to see people wearing your T-Shirt screaming your name but for someone to be a good hero they need good villians to defeat. To be a good Villian you need to go out there and hear people boo and you need to not be discouraged by this, this is your aplause, this means you are doing your job well and to do it even better you need feed the crowds aggression, you need to learn what they respond to and you have to do your best to magnify whatever it is they hate about you to the degree that the crowd needs to see you get your ass kicked and that they will see whoever does it as a hero.

The Model and Rick Rude both showed a cocky arrogance about there own apperance going so far as to talk about how superior they were to not only other wrestlers but to people in the crowd but they both did it in very diffrent ways, Rick Rude was a master at talking on the microphone winding people up talking about how good his body was and how fat and unnatractive the average man in the crowd was, he did it so well that everyone just believed he was a huge asshole no one ever seemed to feel like he was just saying it for shock value or as part of his job everyone seeemed to believe that it was a true reflextion of who he really was and how he felt about himself. I would argue that the Model although he could deliver a darn good promo did the same kind of job of getting people to hate him more with his body language, the way the guy strutted and stroked his own face the more it made you want to see someone punch him straight in his face, plus throw in him spraying people in the face with his own brand of perfume.

If I hadnt hated Rick Rude as much as I did then I wouldnt have enjoyed seeing the Warrior crush him, If I didnt want to see The Model punched in the face so much I wouldnt have been so excited about his match with the Heart Break Kid. As I sat and watched a box set of Hulk Hogan matches It was very apparent that it wasnt just Hulk Hogan who built Hulkamania it was all of the villians they lined up for him to beat. So if you go through your old wrestling tapes or dvd's then give them a watch again as an adult and really study the bad guys all of the effort they go to and you might just find its them who you really want to applaud this time round.

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