Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My Halloween plans this year.

Well it seems like a very long time since I have talked about anything horror on here, and yet you would think with it being October and Halloween soon dawning upon us that I would want to do post after post afer post about horror films or horror related books and the truth is in a way yes I would like to do something special. The problem is I have found myself suffering with a bad case of sinusitus, I am clawing my way into work as I dont want the hassle associated with time off for sickness but I am finding myself a little too run down to do much else.

So what am I going to do for Halloween this year and how do I usually spend Halloween? Well for a start I love a good horror film but I dont like going to parties or the concept of trick or treat so usually I would turn all of the lights off cut a face in a pumpkin light it and sit and watch films with my daughter, as for what I would watch well a lot of this would be controlled by what I thought was good but also suitable for my kid. As she has gotten older I have been less and less limited, it has become a tradition one which I really enjoy, I enjoy any kind of holiday where I can do something which brings me and someone I love closer togther, in the case me and my daughter bonding over good films popcorn and other treats. There are a few issues this year my above mentioned health issue being one of them, the other is that I need to be in work for 6 0'clock the morning after Halloween so there is no chance of me staying up all night watching stuff. I am thinking that maybe I will have to do the movie thing on the 1st of November instead, its not quiet perfect being the wrong day and all and with my daughter having school the following morning but at least we could watch stuff till about 11pm, it seems to be the best I will be able to manage (I can also proberbly get away with throwing one last film on for myself after she has gone to bed).

In the build up to Halloween I usually watch a lot of horror films and in the past I have liked to try and write a horror based short story to release on kindle near Halloween but I havent really managed to do either of these things this year, I have however been following the Cinemassacre Monster Madness videos which have been released by James Rolf every single day in October. Monster Madness has itself become a big part of my Halloween celebrations for the last ten years, I have enjoyed every single video he has made for this and I have to admit to being a little dissapointed that he has said that this will be the last year he does it, I can fully understand why though, it must take him a massive amount of time and effort to film, edit and upload all of the videos (yes I know Mike helps him with some parts of this but its still a big work load).

So in my build up to Halloween this year what have I really done? Well so far I have watched every single one of the Monster Madness Videos, a friend of mine also gave me the UltraViolet codes for the first 3 seasons of Bates Motel the TV show based off the character of Norman Bates from the classic horror novel Psycho from 1959 by American writer Robert Bloch (A lot of people will be more familiar with the fantastic Hithcock film of the same name based on this book). So far I have watched and enjoyed the first series, in fact I might actually write a piece just about this in the future but in short I have been enjoying it. I also started the month out by watching the second season of American Horror story, stupidly I got the second series for £5 on blue ray and watched it without having seen the first, I have since got my hands on the first series but havent even thought about putting it on. There are only so many hours in the day and lots of things that need to be done.

I guess I will leave it here maybe I will do a post about the films I actually watch on my sort of Halloween night, either way if your reading this I hope whatever you do for Halloween this year that you have fun and enjoy yourself.

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