Sunday, 30 October 2016

Retro game purchases in October 2016

Well I actully think that this was a very quiet month compared to others, I guess its a mix of showing some restraint and also just the fact that I havent really seen that much stuff which I have felt I should grab.

The first few bits I got I got on Tuesday the 4th of October, I went in to an exchange store and picked up a copy of GodZilla save the earth for xbox £5 the only unfortunate part being that it was missing its manual. Then I went to game where they had some PSP games in stock second hand for £1 on a 3 for the price of 2 offer and so I grabbed Need for speed pro street, Daxter (platinum) and Virtua Tennis world tour (platinum) all complete for psp for £2. Just before heading home I dropped in to a charity shop where I found SPEC OPS Airbourne Commando for Playstation (original) for £1.49 Sealed complete, might not be the most scream worthy of games to find but its always nice to find something thats never been opened.

On the 11th after work I went in to a local indy store where I grabbed a copy of International superstar soccer 64 for n64 cart only for £1 and I also got disc only copies of Taito legends and Taito legends 2 for xbox for £2. I know these are not really going to be worth anything but in the case of the Taito games its  great way to play a bunch of there old classics in one place for very little cash, its a shame Taito doesnt really exist anymore.

On the 13th I recieved something I had purchased from a private seller, I got Defender of the Crown for the NES complete with its box manual, warranty card etc for  £7.. This is a game I actually really like and used to play a lot on various systems when I was younger so this was quite possibly my favourate purchase of the month.

On the 14th I went to a charity shop and managed to find Otogi myth of demons for the original xbox complete for £1.50 which I was very happy with if not for the above purchase of Defender of the crown this might have been my favourate find of the month (arguably it is the bigger bargin but it has less of a personal impact on me). I also went to an indy store where I grabbed VR Troopers for Game Gear still sealed for £5, I really didnt think I would ever own a sealed Game Gear game, in fact the few game gear games I own are all just carts except for one other game, its not a machine I have ever focused on very much.

On the 16th I wanderd into a charity shop and grabbed Capcom Classics collection (volume 1) for the Playstation 2 disc only for £1 and Music complete for the original playstation for £1.

On the 21st I went to a local indy games shop and got Global Gladiators boxed complete for the megadrive for £3 and Jimmy whites whirlwind snooker complete for the megadrive for £3 as well.

On the 25th I went in to my local CEX and grabbed WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 for GameCube Complete for £5, its a game I have wanted for awile after all I really like wrestling games in general and had always heard that this was a very good one.

On the 27th I went to a pawn store and once again got a wrestling game , I got WWE Raw complete for Xbox for 50pence, I also picked up Buffy The vampire slayer complete for Xbox for 50pence from the same place.

It was a pretty quiet month in general. A lot of this was to do with the fact that I basically didnt go overly looking for things to spend money on, I didnt look at things online, I didnt go anywhere that was out of my way I just wanderd in the shops I pretty much happend to be passing. I guess that the next few months will proberbly be kind of quiet what with them being November and December and me having to spend money on things for Christmas, although in fairness I am doing pretty well with keeping on top of this, I have half of my presents already and hey maybe I will get something retro game related for Christmas you never know.

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