Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Should we really trust anything like Rotten Tomatoes, meta critic etcetera?

So Suicide Squad currently holds a rating of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently critics hate the film and yet every single regular person I know in my day to day life who has seen it has come away screaming the films praises talking about how much they enjoyed it, how fun it is and in some cases how much parts of it moved them. Now I am not going to try to tell you that Suicide Squad is going to be an all time classic, its not Cassablanca and its not Night of the Living dead, its not going to change either the world or the film industry but you have to realise that not every movie can be a ground breaking film which starts of a new movement or genre some films are just simple good honest entertainment.

There are two obvious ways I can look at this I could either go on to say what I find good about Suicide Squad and then give you my own score for it or I could do the other thing and look at some very low scoring films which I feel deserve the score and then try to argue that surly suicide Squad is not as bad as these. I think its easier though  to state that personally I find 26% to be an insult, maybe its because I see 50% as being average, so to me a 50% film would be neither good or bad it would fall somewere in the middle, so a film scoring almost half of that should surly be a very poor film with very little to redeam it shouldnt it? Now by a very poor film I dont mean that the plot has a few holes here or there I mean a none sensical mess which can hardly be considerd a story at all, a film which has so very little when it comes to redeaming qualities that its an absolute mess. I think the problem is that modern audiences are simply spoiled we have so much choice nowdays and on top of that there are so many films with monster budgets, heck we have 45 minute TV shows which have a larger budget than studios at one point would even have dared to dream that they could get for there feature length production. We also have a lot of people who have grown up dring the age of MTV so have next to zero attention span, sit them in front of a bonofide classic of the past like Cassablanca or Dracula and they would yawn and moan and ask when something is going to blow up. Add on to the top of this that you have weird ass polotics that I cant frankly understand most of. If someone really really likes a film but thinks it is being rated unfairly by others even if they think it deserves an 8 they are going to give it a 10 and if they see it getting 8's but think its worth a 4 and are getting annoyed at all the 8's it is getting then they will give it 0 thinking that they are doing there part to readress the balance trying to get it closer to what they see as its true score. Then you have Marvel fans low balling DC related films and DC fans returning the favour, people who want to see one studio do better than another or who have either a grudge against or a boner for a certain director and what we are really left with is a total and utter mess.

The moral of the story I think is to take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt and simply see things yourself and maake your own mind up.

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