Friday, 12 May 2017

Fibromyalgia awarness day: A little something for people to look at.

So today is fibromyalgia awarness day, so I figured that I would do my bit to help raise awarness by doing a blog post on it. Ok so I will start by briefly trying to explain what fibromyalgia is, I hasten to add I do not suffer from it nor am I a Doctor or other medical professional, everything I know comes from the fact my girlfriend has it and the reading I have done around the disorder in order to try and be an understanding boyfriend because I love her.

So to start at the basics what does the term fibromyalgia actually mean well the term "fibromyalgia" is from New Latin,with  fibro refering "fibrous tissues",  myo to "muscle", and algia basically meaning "pain"; thus the term pretty much means "muscle and fibrous connective tissue pain". The thing is this in and of itself sounds bad enough but it does not really explain what having firbo is like or the challangers someone with it faces I think some of the following videos do this far better than I could. The first I will put in this post the other 2 well I will add links just below for them. I know this is not my usual sort of post some people might have expected me to be talking about horror or video games or even ranting about polotics but how can all of those things not seem unimportant compared to trying to actually post something that could help people to better understand the issues that a whole group of people live with.


Fibromyalgia video 2

Fibromyalgia Video 3

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